RP aka Yellowtree - 1st @ 11 Person SC

rotage 2612

Unrelated Story Part 6

Rotage had been given clear orders to forgot about Rotage1 and get on with his projects, but he was never one to follow orders. He decided that once his shift in Dyper Labs had finished he would go off and venture to the Great Library and seek answers.
He set off later that night, the journey shouldn’t prove too difficult, even since the SBL had come to power things were better on the roads now and once could travel with more ease
Finally he reached the Great Library, it was a vast and imposing structure it had been built by the ancients but little more was known about the building nor the ancients.
Having checked in he sought out the section on Great Clicks of our Time he pulled out the book he sought, at this point there was a creaking noise and in great film tradition a door opened up where the books where, Rotage went through the door and down the stairs
At the bottom of the stairs he found himself in a sitting room of what could have been someone’s house, in the chair in front of him was Giledavis, Rotage hoped he would get some answers

To be continued


I hate being apoced, I really do. So for a corp list I wanted 3 snares as for me thats the funniest way to stop apoc by just ripping it out of their hand.
The next decision was what deck to put it in. I had played Outfit at Apac and had considered it there but wanted to see what other options there was

I then found nbkelly's list from apac https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/66962/tiltrope-azmari-6-1-3rd-apac- I decided to add snares to this list and basically just make the list worse

Card Changes

-3 Daily Quest (I am just not a fan of this card)
-1 Hard Hitting News (I wanted to be hipster and try without it)
-1 Market Forces (Went for Psychographics instead)
-1 Public Trail (Slots)
-1 Seamless Launch (I need the Influence for snare)
-1 Mausolus (See above)
-1 Sync BRE (With 419 popular this doesn't seem as a good as they have link)

+3 Snare (I dont like being apoced)
+2 Prisec (See above, plus gives chances to swamp runner with tags)
+1 Funhouse (See above)
+1 Psychographics (If they go tagme or have a tag me deck it can be handy to FA out a 5/3)
+2 Regolith Mining (Needed some extra econ to replace the daily quest)

The Games

Round 1 - Got a bye
Round 2 - Swiftie (Reg 419) - Swiftie knew the list so was going to be hard, as Swiftie told me all he had to do was not screw up and access a snare. He screwed up, accesses a snare couldn't clear the tags so I EOIed to get to 6ap and then put a QPM behing an unrezzed ping in the remote and scored out
Round 3 - Craig (Apoc Val) - Craig played very well, keeping his money above 8 credits, keeping clicks in hand to clear tags and cards in hand to not die to snare, he eventually stole 7ap and won
Round 4 - Tom (Reg 419) - I got a lot of early money and was doing ok, but again Tom was keeping his money up, he installed a docklands pass and accessed HQ which had 3 snares in hand while he had 1 card in hand and survived, he did this the next turn and was not so lucky...


The deck was fun but going forward is not viable I feel as once people know what to do its easier to avoid the issues, but I may see what can be done with it going forward


Thanks to Swiftie for not choosing Taylor Swift as music in our car journey
Thanks to MCG for hosting Swiftie and I for the weekend
Thanks to MCG for running and streaming and excellent event

Finally thanks to all my opponents for being great fun to play against

27 Sep 2021 nbkelly

How can you possibly make the list worse when every change I make does the same?

Taking daily quest out is probably for the best though. With botulus AND boomerang in the card pool, it's an absolute trap.

27 Sep 2021 Cpt_nice

Yeah I agree Daily Quest does very little for this deck. Triple Snare is fun!

27 Sep 2021 rotage

@nbkelly I am the master of making decks worse, please dont take that away from me :)

Yeah, for me I just like jamming stuff in a remote and when Regolith was in there it would usually only be there for a few turns

@Cpt_nice Yeah snare is always fun :)

27 Sep 2021 Longi

I like the tripple Prisec inclusion. Being an Argus player, I love that card, being an apo player, I hate that card :) Congrats on the win!

27 Sep 2021 Swiftie

It takes a certain degree of skill to work out what to do, discuss before the game how not to lose. But still manage to find the losing line.

27 Sep 2021 rotage

@Longi Thanks I did look at argus with Snare too but decided against it, buts it something I'd love to try

@SwiftieYup, its something I've often done in the past and continue to do, its a rare skill

27 Sep 2021 Longi

@rotage I think classic Argus does not have enough space in HQ for holding Snares since there is too many situational cards already; unless you come with totaly new approach

28 Sep 2021 rotage

@Longi Oh it would have a been new but stupid approach, i.e drop HHN for snare was where I was likely going with it

28 Sep 2021 Longi

@rotage Hmm, I sense a wisdom and a hidden potential in that approach :) But I will wait for your testing results before I go that way:)

28 Sep 2021 Swiftie

@Longidon't encourage rotage! We are going to have to play against these before worlds. You would only need to put up with it for 1 round.

29 Sep 2021 Longi

@Swiftiewell, that is the price for a mere possibility of inventing an ingenious deck;)

29 Sep 2021 rotage

@LongiCan I move to your meta please? You are much more encouraging than Swiftie is :)

29 Sep 2021 Longi

@rotage The queue to join our ranks is long but yours will be the honorary spot;)

29 Sep 2021 rotage

@Longi Excellent thank you :)