Rogue Sunny - 1st @ 11 Person SC

rotage 2612


When I am not doing stupid runner combos, or seeing how many clicks I can get, my next favourite runner thing to do is have lots of money, and the best way to do this is drip econ which leads us to Sunny
With ACME gaining some popularity I felt Sunny would do ok as it will have lots of money if the game goes long and with Security Nexus you an at least bypass one piece of ice to get the costs down, plus with white hat you can try to nullify the power of Void which is in ACME and PD decks
For Sportsmetal my plan was blackhat and hope no one brought sports, luckily no one brought Sportsmetal
PD was actually my most feared matchup as its just a bit too fast for Sunny

Card Breakdown

Econ - The plan was to have a mixture of Econ I can get value from that turn e.g Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, drip Econ e.g Data Folding and Rezeki and some mid game burst econ e.g Rogue Trading. The package felt good although some games where I was behind I was having to throw away Drip econ
Draw - Office Supplies, Diesel and I've had worse (I had the weird mix here just to be a troll in case someone wanted to flatline me I could either keep the I've had worse or play it to make them think there are more) Other Cards - White Hat is great for trying to limit Aneonic Void, its also good to see if its worth clearing out a turning wheel on HQ. Blackhat is for the Hail Mary to see lots of cards

The Games

Round 1 - Got a bye
Round 2 - Swiftie (Outfit) - Swiftie got ahead and won the game
Round 3 - Craig (Outfit) - Was a close game, Craig got to 4-3 and put the winning City Works in the remote, I managed to steal it and although he did try to punitive me, I had citidal installed which saved me from dying. I was then able to win off centrals Round 4 - Tom (PD) - As I feared would happen, PD managed to start scoring out in a decent remote, and I lost quite comfortably
Cut Game 1 - Nemo (ACME) - Nemo scored an early 5/3 and a 15 minutes, but I was able to clear the remote out and then just got fully setup with breakers and drip econ with around 40 credits, I kept checking centrals and stole a couple of 5/3s, in the end I whitehated saw 3 agendas in HQ and just took them
Cut Game 2 - Swiftie (Outfit) - A very close game, the game got to 6-3 with Swiftie looking for a hostile, I managed to take one from R&D which I was trying my best to lock, unfortunately I couldnt check the remote as I couldnt find sherman, Swiftie put a card in the remote so I bounced HQ for turning wheel and accessed 3 from the top with the last one being the winning agenda


The deck was fun but the games I lost I was either searching for my breakers or was just too slow, other Sunny lists have boomerang which might help or I could see if i can find room for a turtle or a icebreaker tutor.


Thanks to Swiftie for not choosing Taylor Swift as music in our car journey
Thanks to MCG for hosting Swiftie and I for the weekend
Thanks to MCG for running and streaming and excellent event

Finally thanks to all my opponents for being great fun to play against

27 Sep 2021 Cpt_nice

PD and Sports are just bad for Sunny, dodging those is always a win.

This is a fun list, I definitely wanna give this a shot. What was your thought process behind 2 Diesel and 1 IHW?

27 Sep 2021 rotage

@Cpt_niceIt was 2 Diesel, 1 direct access and an extra Rezeki, I droped the direct access and a Rezeki for more draw and a black hat, I figured IHW could be useful vs Outfit lists, but yeah you do want either 3 Diesel and 3 IHW unless you do want to troll people

27 Sep 2021 Cpt_nice

@rotageFair enough!

27 Sep 2021 Swiftie

I'm always a fan of I've had worse. Especally when people are playing random Snare!

27 Sep 2021 rotage

@Swiftie Yeah or any other random damage cards, our meta is such a lovely place :)

27 Sep 2021 swan

Thanks for figuring out my worlds list for me

28 Sep 2021 rotage

@Swan lol, no worries, I'd definitely tune it some more depending on the meta, but overall I do like it and find it fun to play :)

28 Sep 2021 tzeentchling

It feels like maybe Tread Lightly would be really good in a Sunny deck? Helps against early aggression and adds that bit of money tax that makes your traces easier.

29 Sep 2021 rotage

@tzeentchling I had considered Tread Lightly briefly, my concern is if you can reliably get it early enough in a 50 card deck, I suspect you would also need 3 copies so would need to free up some influence and slots.

Definitely something to look at though, as if it was to not only stop the first PD score but steal that agenda it could buy enough time to setup

4 Oct 2021 Baa Ram Wu

We had a fair bit of luck playing Mayfly in Sunny as an early option - it’s best with overclock support which is #slots which is probably an issue in this list.

4 Oct 2021 rotage

@Baa Ram Wu Thanks I did look at some of your lists for ideas, stuff like Boomerang/May Fly would be cool but as you say slots are tight here