today I learn to play asset spam (startup)

Diogene 1789

The aim to showcase an asset spam deck in startup.

There are a lot of new players for the game we love! This is great. This inspired me to make a serie of deck that will explore different archetypes.

When to mulligan : if you have 2 or more agenda in hand.

Strategy : Put assets on the board. You'll need to create only 2 protected remote, on top of protecting your central. The 1st remote is for scoring and the 2nd remote is for Daily Quest. Everything else can be left unprotected.

Then you can use Bass CH1R180G4 to score an agenda from hand or to score an unadvanced Bellona sitting on SanSan City Grid.

With SanSan City Grid, you can score agenda from hand, or with the help of Remastered Edition.

I chosed Regolith Mining License instead of PAD Campaign because it allow me to get creds fast, in case of need, rather than wait for the drip.

Two things should not be forgotten :

  1. Always rez Tiered Subscription as soon as you put it on the board.

  2. Always rez Daily Quest after you put it behind an ice, provided you have the creds to rez the ice.

This deck was played on stream :


23 Sep 2021 Greasythumb

I feel like 1x Drafter is a huge win here. Maybe cut a Nico for it?

23 Sep 2021 superheronation

The total rez cost of the ice is 48. The Nicos + Hedge Funds alone would bring you to 33, plus whatever you generate from the Daily Quests + Regolith + Tiered Subscriptions + Pop-Up Windows. I don't see much advantage here to having this much econ. I'd suggest swapping out the Regolith Mining Licenses with Rashidas, I think that will move faster.

Ice selection: it doesn't seem like you have much ice that fears Botulus, so I'd suggest testing whether the Magnets are actually necessary. Some alternatives that come to mind are Eli 1.0, Ansel 1.0, Turnpike, Mausolus, and a VERY spicy Anansi or DNA Tracker.

23 Sep 2021 Diogene

@Greasythumb That is a great idea! I will do that, well spotted!

@superheronation your suggestions are good, but since this is a Startup deck, those cards cannot be used. Of note, Reversed Accounts could be used to have a punishing bait.

Thanks for your comments, they are most appreciated.

24 Sep 2021 Rahrhino

Firstly, this deck looks really smooth and I can't wait to give it a go! I've made a couple of edits based on the previous comments.

-3 Regolith Mining Licence, -1 Nico Campaign, +1 Drafter, +2 Daily Business Show, +1 PAD Campaign.

25 Sep 2021 Diogene

@Rahrhino I liked the Daily Business Show. For myself, I found that I was not getting much compared to having a early burst of credits. Usually, once I've emptied one Regolith Mining License, there will be no need for another for the rest of the game.

But it is a personal preference. Daily Business Show will make you more resilient to flooding and PAD Campaign will allow you to be more click efficient. I feel those are good trade and make a good deck. You could even cut some Pop-up Window for more.

Thanks for sharing.