It *still* doesn’t Clot (1st&Undefeated 2021 Interconts)

Sokka 1120

Who’s that ICE? (Inspired by the last turn of grand finals)

This Apoc MaxX is still strong after the last month of intense tournaments. I feel like I’ve already said a lot about this deck so I won’t say much more here but feel free to ask anything and I’d be more than happy to answer.

Thanks to the NISEI team for running such a great string of tournaments over the last month and to all the players who took part in them. Let’s keep the best community running (pun intended)

As usual, credit to @Zerothmaxima for the memetastic content.

At the end of the stream I mentioned that I was considering streaming. Just to provide an update on that, the earliest it would be is after worlds. We’ll see how my schedule works out.

Always Be Running :)

8 Sep 2021 Zerothmaxima

Posting the good meme and not the bad meme. SMH.

the bad meme

20 Sep 2021 Starpunk

As a new player looking at netdecks, Rebirth is always overwhelming. I would have no idea how to use it, so what should I replace it with?

20 Sep 2021 Sokka

@Starpunkwelcome to the game! Rebirth in Apoc MaxX serves an important irreplaceable role so instead of answering your question I’ll explain how to use Rebirth (it’s actually quite simple). The use of Rebirth largely revolves around Labor Rights. Once you have 3 or less cards left in your stack, you want to start looking at how you’re going to make use of your Labor Rights. You generally don’t want to Rebirth too early because you actually want there to be 0-3 cards left in your stack to maximize the consistency of Labor Rights. Rebirth basically allows your shuffled cards to stay in your deck without MaxX milling them. If that’s all Rebirth did (blank the MaxX ID) then that’s already good enough, so if you just choose Omar (which synergizes with the Apoc gameplan) every time you Rebirth then you’ll be doing it right 99% of the time.