Click Efficiency (3-3 & 11th at EU/AFR)

Matuszczak 2036

The deck went 3-3 in EU/AFR contintental swiss beating Smoke, Loup & 419 and losing to 419, MaxX & Hoshiko.

The idea is very simple: we're only playing click efficient cards and looking to score the tempo positive agendas on the remote. There's no need to defend R&D unless they have very heavy punishment. It's key to dodge your Vacherons being Stargated, you don't really care about losing agendas off the top unless it's Vacheron rurn 1-3. You're drawing a lot and will rarely struggle to get access to 7 scorable points.

This will wreak havoc on casual Jinteki, but well piloted Tier 1 runners will be able to get a competitive game. Some of those will get coinflippy on Vacheron snipes. The notorious 419 matchup isn't bad, but admittedly can snowball in either direction. Very fun to play since every click matters, I expect this will remain one of the decks to beat.