NEH like it's 2016 (top 8 at North American Continentals)

Ebrey 248

I brought kill Near-Earth Hub and Leela to my first regionals back in 2016 and made the top 4. Leela is no longer legal, but I'm so happy that NEH is still good! The speed of the ID makes it hard for many runners to keep up with, and the power or AR-Enhanced Security gives you a decent shot against Apoc decks.

The special thing about kill NEH right now is that rezzing Spin Doctor on the runner's turn can let you see 3-5 cards with Daily Business Show to find whatever piece you need to punish the runner - an Economic Warfare, a Hard-Hitting News, or a BOOM!. The speed of the ID means that they have to make runs and trash things or you'll gain a million credits, which you can use to score out with SanSan City Grid.

This deck went 7-2 at Continentals, losing once to an apoc deck when I iced R&D when I should've iced HQ after the apoc, and once to Janktivist in the cut when he apoced me each time I was about to score ARES. Both matches felt winnable, and I had to beat an apoc Loup deck in a tiebreaker round at the end of day 1! Both the tiebreaker round and cut round are on stream at .

PS While you could consider cutting Drafter for a third Commercial Bankers Group, I wouldn't cut the 2 Marilyn Campaign. This deck draws a lot of cards, and they are nice insurance against decking yourself!