I clicked for credits 27 times and won (13th at EU/AFR 21)

paulyg 1110

Remember those Azmari kill lists? Well, how do you like the sound of doing the same thing but with a lot more clicking for credits and rezzing dubious ice? Sounds bad? Yeah, kind of.

Reality Plus is very much not Azmari. And yellow ice, whilst it still shouldn’t be eaten, is not quite what it was. Oh, also you can’t play SSL. But let’s look at what you can play: 3x Hydra! Can you rez 3x Hydra? Well, no. Do you sometimes get the facecheck and effectively rez it for 3? Yes. Sometimes.

The idea of this deck is simple: score behind Hydra + Border Control whilst the runner tries to find 3 of the 6 agendas without getting hit with EW / HHN / Boom. Keep recurring NGOs to force runs. Smile. Have a nice time.

The reality of this deck is: oh no, I can’t rez any of this ice. Now I got Doofed. Better use my Spin Doctors to shuffle away these agendas that are building up. Click for credits for 9 turns. Somehow limp to victory on turn 27 with an unexpected Echo Chamber and no cards in R&D.

This deck went 3-3 at the Europe & Africa Continental and took me to 13th with wins against Loup, 419, and Ken and losses to Maxx, tag-me Zahya and apoc Val. In fairness, a couple of those losses were pretty close (but so was one of the wins). Thanks to all my opponents and to the folk at Nisei who made it a fun experience!

22 Aug 2021 Bridgeman

Oh I loved my old Azmari kill list :D Great to see something reminiscent, would really like to make a deck with 6 5/3s work again :)

22 Aug 2021 paulyg

@Bridgeman Thanks! Was kicking myself when I saw your Acme list. That’s the way to play NBN ice at the moment (and run Daily Quests). Congrats on the finish!

23 Aug 2021 Bridgeman


I think I agree, although this is interesting for sure, can be explored more. Unfortunately the Acme didnt get to shine in the top cut, but I believe it still has more to show :)