Goldilocks Adam (1-4 at APAC)

Agasha 216

I thought that Adam was in a reasonably good spot for the current meta. He's got all the early pressure you could want, and the big weakness - econ - isn't such a big deal in a world where most decks are purple and don't care about anything other than scoring out.

I was. . . wrong.

Called this thing Goldilocks because my old Adam builds didn't have as much burst econ (lookin' your way, Creative Commission). I had also messed around with a really insane Bravado / Mayfly build that just runs every turn (like the old Twin Turbos Adam). So, this one was in the middle.

Oh, and fair warning: the below gets a bit salty. Some of that is from these notes, which were contemporaneous to the tourney, and it was way late for a Missouri boy.

Games at APAC:

Round 1 vs MotionBlur - ID: PD Lost to PD 7 to 6. Blerg. Should have run HQ for the winning 4/2, but thought it was in the remote. Turns out, the winning 5/3 was in the remote. Double-seamless advance. PD or Seamless. 1 of them needs to go. Turns out Blur made the top cut, so he was good at doing his thing. 0-1

Round 2 vs Rjorb on Sports and Loop Adam looses to Sports. Get to 5, 6 points. They score the vitrus, then audacity out. I lose. So tedious. Even managed to score a vach, but when they can FA out all the real three twos, there's nota lot to do. I am a bit salty and mention that "Purple is . . . above curve" and Rjorb is kind enough to concur about how strong they are at the moment. Feeling like if I can get to 5-6 points it's essentially a moral victory. 0-2

Break - why? it's only five rounds. Power through! (It's 12:25 pm CST when I type this, so I don't care if the Aussie want some vegemite toast, tea, and a slice of pavlova. Get on with it.)

Round 3 vs Muellette on PD Lost to 100 card max with crazy ice destruction. Seemed like there were some fortunate hits (devil charms and clone chips all showing up early and often), but it was well played. PD did its thing. Adam got to 6 points and eventually ran out of steam. Seamless recursion is . . . insane? Third straight game that I've been on game point vs. purple. And the either FA out or NA with crazy good econ. Touch 26 cards in that game and don't think many were archives. The salt grows. My complainin' grows. 2/3 opponents have told me that I played well - and I know. And it doesn't matter when you can recur a card as efficient as Seamless or play all fake 3/2s and vach points. This purple reign is rough. 0-3

Round 4 vs NTan33 On PD Starting at nearly 3am. Why? Why am I doing this? Annnnnnnnd another loss to PD when I was on 6 points. Just bonkers. Didn't see a Turning Wheel. Got to what I thought were all the agendas, but one slipped past me. All these PD games are ostensibly losses because I didn't clean out the remotes, but I haven't been able to keep up central pressure and keep the remote clean. The ice is no joke, the upgrades strong, and I just don't even know.

Round 5 vs Longi on Argus Starting this match at around 4am. Finally, a win for Adam Against Argus. Double Rezeki starting hand, escape the HHN that first turn. He gets a Above the Law to Trash FtT, but I run over and over on centrals and rig up, gaining cash and winning on RnD. Adam gets off the schnied and ends up 1 and 4.

Thanks to my opponents, the TOs, and NISEI for keeping things going,

Obligatory "ban something purple" comment here.

17 Aug 2021 g4rr3t

Does Goldilocks also has something to do with Jolanda Neff? :)

17 Aug 2021 Agasha

wasn't aware of this person, @g4rr3t. Adam (most bioroids?) confirmed bald. So it doesn't quite fit.