Virus Collector - Undefeated and 2nd at Cologne Startup GNK

cableCarnage 1044

This is the latest iteration of my virus based startup anarch. I switched from Loup to Hoshiko as I expected an ice heavier meta and Hoshiko can force archives ice slowing the corp down. It won vs Strngove on punitive EarthStation and Macready and mrteatime66 on PD.

Use your Hoshiko draw and Gachapons to find tools to pressure the corps and then use the central pressure provided by Docklands Pass or Stargate to win. On the day all 3 games were won by slowing down the corp's remote scoring plan and then winning either in HQ with Imp + Docklands Pass or with Stargate. Imp and Stargate are especially good vs PD as it makes Vacherons much weaker.

Magnet can be a problem so I added 2 Boomerangs for even more early pressure. In the spirit of playing the most busted cards, I used Bravado as my last 3 inf.

The deck is on the complex end for startup. There are many triggers to remember and the deck can lag behind Crim or Shaper in terms of raw credit econ. But breaking ice for essentially free means you can win while being poor.