Walk Through Hell

Nordrunner 4038

Back posting a deck on Netrunner DB, seems like no matter what happens in my life, I always seem to come crawling back to Netrunner. Thanks to all of you who keep and have kept the game alive!

Maybe nothing too exciting here with a CtM deck, seems like CtM is OP at the moment. This deck reps close to an 80% win rate with well over 100 games played. It can beat the best runner decks and players and is designed to be pretty much elicit the most uncomfortable runner experience possible. While it's a very powerful deck and most pilots will win a lot of games with it, there are also often many difficult and interesting decisions to make with it that can make huge differences in an individual game.

The triple threat of SanSan City Grid, Amani Senai and Hard-Hitting News + Boom! put the runners in a difficult spot. If they work to build a credit pool to avoid HHN, I can often rush agendas with or without SanSan. Add a rezzed Amani Senai and/or SanSan and the runner usually feels compelled to make a move and trash one or both of them, which then puts them in sight lines for HHN and Boom! Very seldom does a runner have a landslide victory against this deck as they are usually taxed hard for running, and thus have to take a risk somewhere along the way.

I wish I could afford a deck slot for a third Predictive Planogram. This card is so versatile. When the runner is tagged, to play it first click and look at three cards and be able to play Boom! if drawn has won me many games.

The only weakness I believe is lack of ICE, which I try to make up for with quality. Hydra and Tollbooth end a lot of runs, and are usually pretty undesirable to run against once rezzed. A highly aggressive runner can sometimes just grab a bunch of early agendas if I can't find ICE, and this is where the majority of my losses come from.

Other general (and perhaps obvious) play styles:

  • Install Commercial Bankers Group with a Prisec and/or Mumbad Virtual Tour to help ensure you either get money from it, or max punishment for trashing it.
  • Score early Enhanced AR-Security if possible. This puts the runner way behind the economic curve if they decide to trash anything. It's usually worth trying to rush one in an empty remote early, losing 1 point isn't so bad, but scoring this agenda is massive.
  • Pad Campaigns and NASX seldom get trashed and can carry a game for you if you can keep one or two live most of the game.
  • Use Rashida Jaheem, Spin Doctor and Predictive Planogram to search for the cards you need. The extra speed this deck provides from card draw is super relevant in keeping the runner from taking full control of the game.
  • Be aggressive in every way possible. Score agendas, rez high priority assets, land tags often. Bring the game and pressure to the runner and let them try to figure this juggernaut out.