[Startup] Ayla 1.1

Navelgazer 131

A potentially very silly deck, as yet untested, part of my attempt to construct a Startup-legal deck around every Start-up-legal identity. This one is loosely based on the Naptime-Reina concept, but instead importing 3x Tranquilizers into Ayla.

As you can see, what we've got here are Events and Viruses. The hardware and resources are just there to support Events and/or Viruses, and the minimal breaker suite just there because Shaper can't really run without it (or at least, I can't as a Shaper.) Ayla's NVRAM is a great ability that will nonetheless cost you up to four clicks over the course of a game, so this deck aims to ramp tempo where it can, using Annicam to convert events into card-draw, The Cookbook to speed up those Virus counters, and Test Run to help you find those stupid breakers when you need them.

Rarely for Startup, I found myself wanting to include way, way more than I could here (and with a 45-card minimum, no less!) but I guess that's Ayla's ability putting stars in my eyes. I pictured a Paulé set-up for a while, and there's probably a way to do that but I'd need to scrap some other central concept. Also, even with a full hardware-rig out, this deck can't support all the programs it would ideally want to, so some choices would have to be made, but you don't need all three breakers plus a Pelangi, so there's that.

I have no idea whether this will work at all. My work schedule has me building decks much faster than I can be playing around with them (never clear when I'll have a free half-hour or so for JNet, while open tabs can always be returned to) and I'm not the best deck-pilot in the best of situations, and particularly weak in Shaper. My gut tells me that this isn't just building a Shaper deck around a Crim card, but importing the whole Crim philosophy (money money money, strategic runs for maximum impact and pressure) into Green, but if anyone takes this for a spin, lemme know what you think! As always, all comments are very welcome!