[Fite Nite 2021] Böring 419

JackMade 2627

Fite Nite 2021

Fite Nite is happening again! The contestants this time around:

  • NWE ß-team: JackMade, lostgeek, percomis, HerbartKlopstock
  • Snare Bears: analyzechris, thebigunit3000, skry, groenkaaf
  • The Process: leachrode, chrisferg, nemamiah, binarydogs

Stay tuned for dates and streams! Find all decklists here.

1-1 over two FITE NITES winning against Neurospike BtL and lost to Sports FA.

21 Jul 2021 NISEI

Comment on my stream:

"More like BORE-ONE-NINE, amirite!"

Deck looks solid. Congrats on NEW winning both heats.