Secret "Loup" [1st at YVR Store Champ 2-3]

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aBrick 108

Placeholder decklist.

I'll post the proper decklist once the time is right.

30 May 2021 Zerothmaxima

Stunning, elegant and refreshing in its simplicity. As if we hadn't just recovered from the kickflips of Worlds sweetheart deck DaVinci Geist, Brick once again hits us head on with bold new design. 10/10.

1 Jun 2021 Vale

Im looking forward to the decklist of the week having no decklist in it.

4 Jun 2021 gilesdavis


5 Jun 2021 CaKnuckleguy

To the top!

19 Jul 2021 Android_I@n

Its good to see that using only the system gateway new players can compete at the highest levels.