Pick your poison (startup)

Diogene 1186

This deck will hurt! Whatever the runner do or not do, it will hurt. If you think bluffing in netrunner is a fun thing, this deck is for you. If you dislike bluffing, look no further and check out decks made by Xandorius, they are fun.

Pick your poison

There is very few damage mitigation in the startup format. There is Harmony AR Therapy, Buffer Drive, DreamNet and Jailbreak. Only Buffer Drive is intended as damage mitigation.

The idea is to put La Costa Grid and let a Clearinghouse or Urtica Cipher stew on it. Letting the runner impale themselves on it. You even put a Snare! and let it get "advancement tokens".

Otherwise, there is plenty of creds in the deck. Hansei Review and Snare! combo really well with Spin Doctor.

Tip : when using Hansei Review, target Subliminal Messaging if possible. That is the best use of it.

10 May 2021 Gries

I just built this deck and exchanged Subliminal Messaging with 3 Celebrity Gift.

10 May 2021 Diogene

That is a good idea! Double the number of creds!