Criminally Inclined Jesminder

j4 62

Early version, but already went through a decent number of iterations. Aniccam engine with all the new event econ from Gateway feels like a very solid foundation for Shaper.

Some card choice insights:

Emergency Shutdown has been proving to be a VERY cute tech in a meta where even highly rushy decks run 6 cost ice like Fairchild 3.0, and there's plenty of 8+ behemoths and Send a Message shenanigans going around. Enough to say that when choosing between this and Hot Pursuit from DJ Steve, the corp will be giving you the Hot Pursuit most of the time.

DZMZ Optimizer is the memory chip you usually want, but a single T400 Memory Diamond insures you vs double Neurospike/Punitive Counterstrike game plans.

Political Operative is just great against many threats both old (Crisium) and new (Void, Skunkworks). Rashida is a great target too. IMO you should totally be playing 2-3 in any deck that wants to run HQ at all.

Double Ika matters pretty often and can save you a lot of money in slower games, especially given that pumping Unity to 5 with a single cred is relevant against several ubiquitous targets.

8 Apr 2021 Sanjay

This list looks solid! Really like the double Ika to pump Unity.

The Jailbreak also a really good include just to get a bit more multiaccess in there.