Major in Neurology

Yusei 31

Some available combos :

1.MCA Austerity Policy + Hard-Hitting News . Let runners give up removing tags.

2.MCA + 5/3 Agendas. Just click MCA behind your Funhouses every turn. If runners cannot bare with it and get it trashed , tag or punish them next turn.

3.Reeducation + Neurospike. You need to tax runner many times to get a perfect chance for this evil combo. It needs you 3 turns,and it often ends up with stolen Reeducation and Punitive Counterstrike or BOOM! .

4.NGO Front. Runners will soon find out your agendas are all 5/3. NGO will be more deceptive.

4.Don't forget your ID. Enough credits? Time for drawing.

9 Apr 2021 hugeheadliang

草 第一次玩就用再教育neurospike杀人了