Built to Fast Advance

atc123 24

Ultimate game plan is simple, ice up central’s, advance ice to shore up weaker central’s, mass com’s for money and trick of light out 3-2’s.

However, I’ve found money is so good with this ID in the early game that the first few turns play more rush, with one or two ice on remote for rashida, wall to wall, or to rush out an early agenda to save your FA pieces. The remote is always taxing, so once runner is set up, you can still pressure them with Wall2wall/rashida or even global food in remote, while you wait for your scoring pieces to show up

Rushing out an early global food can be quite good since then fast advancing only 2 gendies is much easier.

Clot is it’s main weakness obvi, but since that’s mostly in shaper, u can convert to a more pure rush, making them waste simulchips and SMC’s on breakers

Also, games generally don’t durdle as much as red planet decks, so your friends won’t hate you