Adam is Australian

atc123 24

Cause he likes boomerangs. With so many good neutral run events that suit Adam’s early aggressive play style, and new killer less influence than Burkalter, frees up a lot of influence.

Creative Com’s is a good Econ boost for Adam who can struggle with credits in the early game. Boomerangs also facilitate early aggression before there’s MU for all breakers, and since breakers are one ofs they can be hard to find.

Feels amazing to trash paperclip with emergent creativity to install something else for free!

Can struggle against tags, so hold deuces wild for tag removal, and citadel is for punitive matchup in early game but could probably be the first cut. Considering freeing inf for turning wheel, but with jailbreak+neutralize all threats being free legwork, and RNGkey/FTT the deck has plenty of central pressure

7 Apr 2021 Nimo

Since you run quite aggressive I would go for +2 Red Team, +2 Career Fair, -3 CC, -1 RNG Key. Should give you much more value for your runs, especially with so much run events. Dirty Laundry with a Red Team installed (+find the truth) is amazing. Furthermore, a Logic Bomb might mess up your CC turn. Without Earthrise Hotel Career Fair only has 6 targets in your deck, though.

For safe money you could also go for -1 RNG Key, +1 Smartware Distrubitor.

7 Apr 2021 Nimo

The Logic Bomb comment was nonsense, since it destroy every plan you had with your unspent clicks -.-

7 Apr 2021 atc123

Interesting thoughts, tho I’m not convinced yet that red team is good even in faction, since it’s such an initial money sink and the Corp already has reason to ice up all central’s from FTT. The CC’s really help money up and dump hand in the early game where hand size is low

I don’t get the red team dirty laundry comment... you know red team is a click ability right? Can’t be used at same time as run events

7 Apr 2021 Nimo

Ha. Oh, dear. Sorry. Of course you are right. Why did i thought Red Team would be clickless? xD All right your economy is very convincing for me now. I still think you could use the slots for 2 RNG keys better :P

7 Apr 2021 atc123

Indeed red team would be so legit that way! I could prob drop one rng but I’m underwhelmed by my other neutral options. I already subbed in prepaid voice pad for the citadel but even that doesn’t feel great