Help!! What’s Legal?!? Standard Legal List 21.04 Corp List

d1en 3365

I spent every game today catching cards in people’s decks that weren’t Standard legal. Here’s a list to help everyone. 1x every card outside of Agendas so you can look at it quickly and recognize how much influence you’ll need. Feel free to comment with anything that’s missing, wrong, or the Corp ID’s I couldn’t list.

29 Mar 2021 zmb

@d1en technically they are legal until April 9th right? That is when Standard Ban List 21.04 starts

"... to coincide with the release of System Gateway and System Update 2021, we are releasing a small update to the Standard Ban List. These changes come into effect for Standard format tournaments on 9 April 2021. This is also the date on which System Gateway and System Update 2021 become legal, and on which Honor and Profit, the SanSan Cycle, System Core 2019, and Salvaged Memories rotate out of the Standard card pool."

29 Mar 2021 Wyrm

@zmb Many games on jnet right now are listed as either 'New Standard' or 'Startup'. Since in order to play either of these two you need to set the your game type to 'Casual', this is to aid in knowing if your decklists are legal in these formats.

29 Mar 2021 manveruppd

Good thing CPC Generator is still around!

29 Mar 2021 d1en

6AM list building and I made a small mistake, three cards should not be on the list and are not legal:

Accelerated Beta Test (HB Sucks pass it on) Armored Servers Paper Trail

30 Mar 2021 Scotty Dave

This will save me hours of frustration. Hugely appreciative, thanks!