A Farewell to Psi (1st @ Lockdown #13)

Odol 491

With all of Nisei Division, The Future Perfect and Marcus Batty falling victim to the current rotation I knew I had to pay them a final tribute in the last Lockdown event where they were still legal.

The gods of psi (or lady luck) were on my side, as repeatedly winning psi games kept saving my butt throughout the tournament and eventually got me to 1st place.

The deck itself combines rig destruction and scoring behind taxing ice with the help of Hyobu Precog Manifold. The agenda suite was also composed specifically to support the Hyobu tactics, with Vulnerability Audit as a surprise 4/3.

My signature 1x Divert Power works really well with six 0-cost ice and six 0-cost upgrades, helping me rez those Chiyashis for cheap. The extra oomph from Too Big to Fail also proved invaluable during the event.

I would like to thank all my opponents and the TO for another amazing Lockdown tournament. Always be Psiing!

29 Mar 2021 Longi

What a beast of a the deck! Amazing ride to the top, congrats;)