City Takeover: Dedicated Construction Labor

Krams 938

This is the second installment of this list.

I've been tinkering with it before Salvaged, but I'm generally happy with the current status quo.
I'm releasing it now since I think I'll abandon the deck for a while and concentrate on new content.
Although most of the list will stay nearly untouched my the upcoming rotation unless I'm missing something big.

+1 Space Camp +1 Wall To Wall, because I really wanted more consistency, some more card draw and a secure Archives.

-2 Priority Construction, because once I settle for the FA combo turn I don't need a remote anymore, so getting tokens with Space Camp, Dedication Ceremony, Akhet and Wall To Wall is much smarter than with Priority Construction.

-2 Attitude Adjustment +2 Digital Rights Management, because I often struggle to find agendas, but rarely ever to have to hide them.
The idea is to use these on City Works Project with Dedication Ceremony and/or Akhet.

-1 Oduduwa +2 Slot Machine, because I wanted more ICE and more consistency.

-1 Preemptive Action, because deck slots are a thing. I miss it. A lot.

And last but not least:

+1 Snare! -1 Snare!, because I'm indecisive with deck slots and influence spread.