Supermodernism vHJ.2

HepatitvsJ 244

My tweak on the supermodernism deck. Flare can surprise opponents and kill annoying hardware, hopefully a Plascrete. Caduceus for more money. Government contracts would have been far more useful than the cleaners in the only game I scored it in. Recovering from acct syphons is a little more valuable than the +1 meat damage imo. datapike to hit the runner a little and requires an additional 1c to break over enigma if the runner runs on last click.
24 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

I also cut the Grims completely because the 3 BP I generated through hostile takeover and both geothermal tokens was painful enough. Archer hit progs every game I won and didn't in the first two I lost. My losses were mostly my inexperience with the deck though, imo. The caduceus are cheaper and better for earlier runs and are still ETR ice late game so a runner can't just plow through it for the win.

25 Nov 2013 Cephiros

I really like your take on Supermodernism. I've been playing the original and a different variant the last few times I've played. I'm in a league in Portland, OR and we have some achievements based on playing as different identities and win with both for corp factions except for HB which is win with 3 different HB indentities.

How successful do you think this deck would be if you swap BWBI? I know there is a loss of at least 9 credits due to loss of original ID power. However, so many of our agendas are money makers.

25 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

I don't see any benefit for swapping IDs other than for Grndl. starting with 10 creds and a BP means restructure is scorable opening hand. 1rc for advancing cards isn't worth the trade off of -1c/transaction imo. I'm looking forward to Grndl just for the variety but I'm expecting this deck to find slots for 3 Punitive Counterstrike for even more meat damage options. An over advanced Proj Atlas with just 2 counters on it can get 2 P strikes and if you have the third that's likely a flatline after they steal a 2 point agenda, 3 if they have a plascrete.

26 Nov 2013 Cephiros

I agree, I mainly going to attempt the switch to see if I can win and get the league achievement without making a brand new BABW deck. If might be that the loss of those 9 credits might be too much. We'll see tomorrow.

26 Nov 2013 JWHamner

Has Flare worked for you as a surprise? I agree that it's a nice piece of ICE, but people playing against Weyland assume an unrezzed ICE is an Archer until proven otherwise so it could only really be a gotcha before you've scored a 1 point agenda.

26 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

I haven't had the opportunity to play test yet. Holidays are making opponents scarce and I can't get OTCGN to work so... I see Flare being useful often enough though.