Rotation 2021 Runner Card list

Baa Ram Wu 613

I’ve put together a list of all the Cards rotating out of the Standard Card Pool on the 28th March.

CORRECTION: Paragon, Patchwork and Run Amok all remain in standard. (my bad)

The quantity represents the cards competitive viability from 1-4 or how much it is worth noting a card has left the card pool.

(All subjective, blah blah, my opinion, blah blah etc.)

Nb. I have tried to remain as objective as possible - hence why Deus X isn’t at 4!

Reality Cheque has also created a Rotation tool on Google Pages which I will copy a link to here shortly.

If I get a chance later today I will add in the returning cards as text below.

Rotated runners:

• Geist (4) • Chaos Theory (1) • Gabriel Santiago (1) • Hayley Kaplan (4) • Iain Stirling (1) • Laramey Fisk (1) • Leela Patel (4) • Silhouette (1)

14 Mar 2021 Vocke

Thank you for the list! Helpful and cool to have a overview. I got a question though: Is e.g. Paragon really rotating, cauz it is still in Rein and Reverie? Same goes for Patchwork..

14 Mar 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Good catch @Vocke- I thought something felt weird there but my early morning brain couldn't work out what.

I've corrected the description above and will check for other errors in a bit.

14 Mar 2021 Diogene

Very neat list. We can clearly see your top 10 runner cards. I especially agree with your rating of Stimhack. Thanks!

16 Mar 2021 Krams

Isn't Salvaged Memories also going to rotate?

30 Mar 2021 emilyjoh

Run Amok is also in Mumbad so as far as I'm aware not rotating!