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Please read this before playing this deck on jnet

This combo is broken as hell. And by broken as hell, I mean it just doesn't work properly on jnet. But do not worry, for I have a solution.

But first, lets talk about what exactly this combo does. The idea is that you install a Mwanza City Grid on R&D and fire Shrio as many times as possible. The tools I'm using for this are Ganked! and Marcus Batty. Each time the second sub on Shiro fires, the runner accesses 4 cards and you get 8 credits.

To put it bluntly, this deck is mediocre at best, and janky at worst. Bacterial Programming can do a great job of setting up your deck for a Mwanza dig, or you hand for a Punitive kill, but it sure can't defend itself quite like Obokata can. In addition to that, the majority of the time, I'd just rather use Ganked! on Anansi than Shiro.

Bugged on jnet?

The reason this is so broken on jnet is because if the runner accesses R&D multiple times in the same run with a Mwanza installed, jnet has them access waaaay more cards than they should on the second access and onward.

My solution to this (until this interaction is fixed) is to simply manually trash Mwanza after the first time it fires in a run if its going to fire again. This way it'll give the runner 4 accesses each time, but give the corp 0 credits, so you'll have to add those manually.

7 Mar 2021 Diogene

I like the use of Punitive Counterstrike in Jinteki: Personal Evolution, very spicy.

With Jinteki: Personal Evolution, you could consider using Lockdown. You would get a great effect for 0 credit!

For extra kill capacity, because you are using Marcus Batty, do you think Neural Katana could be good? That would be a 3 net damage combo!

I like your idea with this deck. Thanks for sharing.