Here's your Chisel, have it done

chaosof99 66

This deck is a remnant from a challenge to myself a couple of months ago, where I attempted to win a game with every Standard legal identity. Null was very interesting to me when I did it, as I had never really played him and his effect is kind of unique. Chisel was also still relatively new and I hadn't really played it, but of course it is a great partner for Null, who speeds up Ice destruction with it very quickly. So this deck tried to maximize the interaction, with Simulchip and Trope to get Chisel back, and Buffer Drive to make the discard more tenable.

Since I was already playing Buffer Drive I added Zer0 as a draw engine. The thing about this deck is having this many unique cards isn't too bad, since you can always use additional copies as fodder for Null's ability, and you don't care if Zer0 takes them away. The Conspiracy Breaker Suite also serves a similar purpose.

I've recently been playing more again in anticipation of SG/SU21 and dug this deck back up again. It has been pretty decent and is a lot of fun to play.

If you want the mountains at your mercy, here's your chisel have it done.