Full "Glacier" Immersion RektStudio

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TL;DR: Jinja glacier, except you have asset econ.

PS: Looking for suggestions to tune the influence

The problem:

  • Jinja City Grid is a good card, giving massive tempo with clickless AND discounted remote building. However, there is pressure on the corp to have enough econ to rez all those ICEs installed at mach speed. With normal ICE suites, the corp cannot support the ICE with the usual glacier econ (NGO Front, Rashida Jaheem, Hedge Fund, IPO). Therefore, you would find that decks that build big remotes on Jinja City Grid will have really cheap ICEs, or they would realize that they need to go cheaper.

The solution:

  1. Cheap and refunding ICEs in GameNET: Where Dreams are Real (Rime, Turnpike, Slot Machine, F2P)
  2. ICEs that benefit from huge stacking (else why even play Jinja) in Seidr Adaptive Barrier, Surveyor, Rime.
  3. Support the monster remote with ASSET econ. (Full Immersion RecStudio, Daily Quest)

Now score 7-point Project Beale in the unbreakable remote while the runner stares at 11-str Surveyors and 9-str Seidr Adaptive Barrier, while pretending that cards like Boomerang, Political Operative, Quetzal: Free Spirit, and Quest Completed does not exist.

Scoring Maths (Points/Click), including install click:

  1. Project Beale: 0.5 Point/Click
  2. Project Beale (Over-advancing): 0.5 Point/Click
  3. Bellona: 0.5 Point/Click
  4. Remastered Edition: 0.5 Point/Click (Backloaded with its ability)
  5. Global Food Initiative: 0.5 Point/Click
  6. 15 Minutes: 0.33 Point/Click
  7. AstroScript Pilot Program (BANNED): 0.66 Point/Click (Backloaded with its ability)

Which means that, all possible routes to 7 points is equally as fast. Unless you don't have another agenda in hand, in which over-advancing Beales can be considered.

7 Mar 2021 Jtfq99999

Spare influence can be another Global Food Initiative instead of Bellona for a more resilient central