Masked Veteran (2nd at Lockdown 12)

Humblejuggernaut 59

Huge props to Vesper for continuing to organise virtual Lockdown tournament paradise throughout the unending meatspace Lockdown hell. All the best to all the other Lockdown-ers, especially the champion Krasty.

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So Silhouette managed to go undefeated in Lockdown 12!

With perhaps the 5 most prominent standard icebreakers and Hippo banned this time around, Boomerang and Stealth was a fun fall back, and criminal stealth support has seen too much kitchen table.

Silhouette the Stealth Operative is the natural fit for the subtype, with a criminally low ID score for the format, a powerful if inconspicuous ability and consistency from decksize.

The gameplan is to push run events early game into HQ, ideally with some Boomerang help, and cascade with exposes to scout the danger of early inner ice to threaten and tax other servers.

Some combination of that early knowledge, Special Order, Inside Job and any returned Boomerangs keep the remote pressured hopefully long enough to get some semblance of a stealth suite up and lock up whichever server needs attention.

Zamba and Aumakua may be doubling down on getting the exposes too much but the international mask mandate isn't going anywhere and Leela and some strangers in hoodies who still haven't given me their name are hogging the Paragons.

Playing 2-ofs all over the show for the 'no playsets' deckbuilding achievement, could easily bring many back up to 3-of and/or grab Daily Casts and Class Act, (both of which were locked down,) in by dropping many of the fun-ofs: Mu Safecracker, Symmetrical, Pol Op and Sec Testing.

Do check out most of the other Lockdown decks, there was wonderful spice all around, especially in many of the Anarchs without their fracters.

Open to any and all feedbacks! Kasi String is however a mandatory counter to GFI and I won't hear otherwise.