ANRPC Charity 2| 54-card Man vs. Stress

internet_potato 961

Win (points), timed tie, and win (flatline). I had to drop prior to the 4th round. I was feeling pretty good about the game that ended in a timed tie, but we didn't have much time to finish the game and I didn't see a single agenda until the last turn of the game.

Changes from the excellent original were to swap TFP for SSL Endorsement, then add Voter Intimidation, 2x NGO Front, House of Knives, and a second DNA Tracker.

I went to 54 cards because I was in kind of a hurry and wanted to try out NGO and have answers to film critic-- having never really played palana before, I underestimated how much cash the ID generates. @ctz mentioned in the comments on his list that NGO was kind of tricky, because you don't really want the runner hitting ben/batty if you're not going for a kill shot. That's fair.