Prepaid Az

Jamil 38

This simple deck full of events might be considered as a bit less powerful Prepaid Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker, which used to be the dominant runner archetype for a time. Indeed, tech cards and mechanics run deep in the McCaffrey family!

In short, mulligan for Prepaid VoicePAD. In any case, you won't have a bad starting hand, with all the money events and draw you can get. Passport is here if you want to put pressure early on the centrals. Remember that all your hardware and resources except TTW cost you 1 cred less, which is very much welcome! With Prepaid, almost all events will be cheaper as well.

With all of this, don't hesitate to run often in order to get information and make the corp poor. The strategy is therefore very different from that of criminals like Leela.

In the most recent version, I replaced 2 Armitage Codebusting and 1 Breach with 3 Dirty Laundry, which seemed more suitable here, but feel free to suggest me something else!

15 Feb 2021 Diogene

Seen on stream :

16 Feb 2021 Saan

I've been running a similar deck, but instead of Diesels, I have 2 Aniccams (also running Corroder over Paperclip). Aniccam in conjunction with Class Act gives a lot of nice filter to find the relevant cards you need, especially since you really want to play 1 event a turn anyhow.

The downside I've found to the deck is that with the old PrePaid Kate, you get to recycle your deck with Levy and have almost infinite money due to the severely under-costed events, and if the PrePaids are on the bottom of your deck, you have a ton of draw to burn down to them, and then Levy. In this deck, you eventually run out, and there's no good solution if your PrePaids are on the bottom of your deck. Harmony AR Therapy is both too expensive, influence-wise, and just doesn't do enough to justify inclusion regardless.

That being said, infinite 1-cost Boomerangs help those issues out a lot. I'm also running 1x Public Terminal as a "4th" PrePaid, since a lot of the events I'm playing are run events anyhow (I'm playing Bravado instead of Falsified Credentials).

Anyhow, hope it's doing well for you! =)