City Takeover: Dedicated Construction Labor

Krams 938

This is my current tinker project and it worked amazing in the first few test plays (4 wins out of 4 games).
Even though I have to admit it's still somewhat unpolished...

Oduduwa is always hiding in R&D. Grand total of encounters in all 4 games: 1 xD

Attitude Adjustment was used only once (and not really 100% good at that time), but Fast Tracks instead would have made my life a lot easier many times...
Apparently, getting 9, Biotic Couriers, 9 tokens and GT together doesn't take that long.

Space Camp was actually better than anticipated.

Priority Construction is only good if you have Akhet and CWP and Dedication to go along. I think cutting this for a 3rd Wall To Wall would be a lot more consistent.

Punitive Counterstrike wasn't used once in all of the games, all wins were made by agenda points. I still feel I should keep the card to back up the CWP threat and for the slim chance of GT being the first agenda stolen.