Full Shaper

Diogene 1173

Only Shaper cards, no neutral, no influence. This aim to follow up after the "Debutante" serie. By using only in-faction cards, you get to see some strenghts and weakness of the faction. Also, it is a fun challenge. Tell me if there is a way to make it better, while using only in-faction cards.

Kit is the Cyber Queen and does wonders. Cyber Queen

Shaper actually have good economy cards, compared to other factions. Algo Trading could be compared to Kati Jones. While Kati will take your clicks, Algo will take your creds. Let it build while you install yourself. Bookmark will help keep you from losing cards when your hand get too full. If you get Algo Trading early, you can pop it 8 turns laters, making 18 cards (net of 12 creds).

Other economy tools are Rezeki, The Artist, Professional Contacts, Psych Mike and Cyberdelia.

Beth Kilrain-Chang and Hyperdriver will let you have more clicks to gain more tempo.


4 Jan 2021 OdwardFrenry

With the caveat that it's been a while since I played regularly (I just came to nrdb to check something and saw your deck on the sidebar) so I'm way out of practice at imagining how a list will play just by looking at it, I would still be remiss if I didn't plug my pet card that was always at least a one-of in every Shaper deck I made and splashed out of faction many times: Escher was always fun, rarely expected, and was often very strong in Kit, undoing all the care the Corp put into sculpting their servers to negate her ability, Anyway, I love this idea and am glad I stumbled on your list!

4 Jan 2021 m.p

Escher has rotated and didnĀ“t come back in Salvaged Memories as Indexing did, but I think that NISEI printed Cordyceps as a replacement for it

4 Jan 2021 Diogene

@OdwardFrenry Moving ice around is a lot of fun. Like @m.p said, you could add Cordyceps to do just that. Alternatively, you could replace Engolo by Inversificator. Finally, Equivocation is an underrated card that is very good and will often save you against Jinteki. You could take out the Bookmark or Psych Mike for those cards. Even Gebrselassie could be swapped for something else.

Alas, for this deck, since my intention was to only use Shaper cards, no neutral cards and no influence, I had to find econ for this and focus on card that would not cost too much. Rig shooter are still used, so I wanted to make sure the main breaker was available. Note that you could replace one Engolo for one Simulchip, and it would be pretty good.

I encourage you to try the changes and tell us how it went. This is not a beginner deck, but more like a faction study deck. Keeping it efficient while making it more fun would be most welcome.

Thanks you @OdwardFrenry and @m.p for your comments. If time allow, I might try some test. Currently, I'm redoing some of the beginner decks (the "Debutante" serie).

10 Jan 2021 gilesdavis

Looks pretty solid! I'm not too sold on the Gebrselassie though, I think Takobi would be a better choice for breaking efficiency?

10 Jan 2021 Diogene

@gilesdavis Takobi is underrated and has a very good value. But it take 1 MU. Gebrselassie is an hardware and it make the second ice automatically cheaper (since you'll be able to paint it no matter what). With an ID different thant Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman, I think Takobi would be better, since it is more versatile. Great suggestion! Thanks.