All the Single Tags - 1st at Hacking Christmas

Saan 3073

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So I had no idea what to bring to the for-fun-only Hacking Christmas tournament that 5N00P1 threw for those of us with nothing better to do for an afternoon on the 26th, but I was pretty sure I wanted to play Weyland. It's what I do, damnit! And I was similarly pretty sure that I wanted to try and murder people, because again: it's what I do.

I was obviously thinking of Scorch, since it's the new hotness once again, so I figured I'd abuse SIU, since it's still a card that exists. A better deck for this might be CTM, but I've been playing yellow, and it was time to go green again. I threw in 3 copies of SIU, and then noticed it cost three influence and had almost none left. So I took out a copy, added in 2 SEA Sources, and was good to go!

This is a really standard Supermodernism style Weyland deck, where you try and rush, get money, and threaten the runner with murder while you try and score out. The difference here is that with SIU, the runner no longer has to run in order to be threatened with death. You just get a money lead, throw it in a server, and have fun.

The last tournament I went to, everyone was playing Citadel, and that makes SEA Double Scorch a non starter unless they drop below 4 cards and you can devote a click to trashing it. So yeah, that IS a Subcontract you see there, on purpose and everything. Is it a good choice? Meh, probably not. Did I end up playing it ever? I certainly did not. Is it there anyhow? Yes, yes it is. I also threw in a High-Profile Target, because it kinda acts as a 4th Scorch, and it can help vs Anarch to hopefully dodge I've Had Worse before you Scorch them.

Beyond that, it just plays good ICE and money! There's really not much new happening here, but it's plenty of fun, regardless. Thanks to 5N00P1 for running the event, and thanks to everyone I played. It was a blast =)

27 Dec 2020 5N00P1

Nice, I was watching one of your games and I like the idea especially SIU is not so common so it might take people by surprise. Seems like a good meta call!

28 Dec 2020 Longi

I like this one, especially the inclusion of HPT to dodge IHW. With shapers back in game and criminals out of the picture I was wondering whether it was not the right time to start playing my favourite rush or kill strategy once again. I think that HHN is still not the way to go in Weyland as Hoshiko gets rich way too fast. This seems to be a good approach. Have you also tried the 5/3 Outfit build?

28 Dec 2020 Radiant

@LongiWhy are criminals out of the picture? I haven't been keeping up with the meta since Salvaged Memories

29 Dec 2020 Longi

@Radiant That is just my observation from three tournaments where Salvaged Memories set was legal. Anarchs and Shapers just became better. The only exception may be Geist that may benefit from E3 Feedback Implants.

29 Dec 2020 5N00P1

Watch out for Pinsel ;-)

30 Dec 2020 Saan

@LongiI haven't tried the 5/3 option, but I'll have to give it a go. Mainly, I wanted the greater ability to rush and Atlas counters to help find murder (and better rushing).

4 Jan 2021 Shorty

Nasty archers! You can see the deck in action here: