Time to Top Up

Jtfq99999 90

*First time publishing, all suggestions / advices are welcomed

Runners too rich? GameNET here to force them to hand over all their hard earned credits to enrich the CEO's pockets.

Strategy with the deck:

  1. Look for as much Aryabhata Tech & Traffic Analyzer as possible.
  2. Install Surat City Grid together with all the Traffic Analyzer and tons of 2 cost ICE
  3. Wait / Force / Bait runs
  4. Rez Surat City Grid, Rez all Aryabhata Tech (with the trigger from Traffic Analyzer for reduced costs). Use last Traffic Analyzer trigger to chain-rez all the ICE.
  5. Profit from all the traces and ID triggers
  6. Kill runner with the usual package using your huge credit differential
  7. Repeat from 4 using Divert Power to derez all the ICE & Traffic Analyzers

Card Choices:

  1. Macrophage becomes huge with Aryabhata Tech, making traces hurt more than just viruses.
  2. 2-cost ICEs (Gutenberg, Turnpike, IP Block) used both as early deterrent & as combo pieces on the Traffic Analyzer server.
  3. Endless EULA to protect vital openings

Trace Maths:
Each Aryabhata Tech gives a credit differential of 3 for winning a trace, with the ID proc. However, as noted by @Diogene in the discussion, ID would not proc without actual credit loss, which would change the credit differential to only 1 for winning trace. With the base credit gain of 1 from Traffic Analyzer:

  1. With credits, 1 Aryabhata Tech: 4(+3 -1) for winning, 3(+1 -2) for losing
  2. Without credits, 1 Aryabhata Tech: 2(+2 -0) for winning
  3. 2 Aryabhata Tech: 7(+5 -2) for winning, +3(+1 -2) for losing.
  4. EDIT: Boosting costs the corp even when losing, so it doesn't increase the credit differential for the losing option. Therefore, boosting is only for giving the runner a more even choice (in terms of credit differential) in exchange for exhausting their credit pool faster. This may be desirable to make the runner vulnerable to future traces / punishment.


  1. Link
  2. Trashing key pieces
  3. Early pressure
  4. Minimize credit differential by beating as many traces as possible (Tested on 0 link, Trace 2)

I stumbled upon Traffic Analyzer and Aryabhata Tech while looking for improvements for my NEXT ICEs deck. Since @Diogene's Spark deck https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/62848/beaut-fatale applies a taxing strategy to work, I applied the combo striving for a similar strategy. After playing a game with @Diogene himself, sparking a discussion on the deck idea, I feel confident to publish the deck here.

22 Dec 2020 Diogene

This deck will give a big surprise to a lot of runners. Once the combo start, looking at a train of traces that will make the corp rich and the runner poor. When you are not prepared for it, it gives quite a shock.

One thing of note : the combo, once started, has the terrible attraction, you end up looking at it like this :

"Another trace. Another trace? Why is there so many traces! You got to be kidding me! OMG, I got no creds and the traces are still coming out! What, you can derez to rince and repeat, what I'm gonna do? What, you now have 28 creds in hand and I got none, either this is broken or you are a genius. This is one of the best corp jank since @Klokotze iceless deck!"

I think this will become quite the package, since it can be exported to other factions as well.

Let's give a collective shudder when thinking of Weyland with this package. Fun times ahead!

Shoutout to @Jtfq99999 for the long and fun discussions about the deck and its ramifications. That was a lot of fun and there were a lot of ideas that came out of it. Thanks!

22 Dec 2020 Baa Ram Wu

This is a hilarious idea! I love the concept.

But the big question for me is - what’s protecting the aryabhata techs??

22 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Baa Ram Wu you put Aryabhata Tech in the same server as Traffic Analyzer and Surat City Grid, which would have 3+ ices on it (usually IP Block and Turnpike.

Since there are no advancements in any cards, the runner is not incentized to check a remote with 4 cards at its base. On the first run in any server, you pop the package and grind the creds of the runner, even before the runner encounter the ice, possibly making the runner drop to zero creds in front the ice, while rezzing 4 ices for cheap and getting very rich.

Truly epic! Just like the Game Changer combo when it is pulling the rug from under the feet of the runner.

23 Dec 2020 Jtfq99999

@Diogene Thanks for the epic review and the discussions!
@Baa Ram Wu Yeah, the first Aryabhata Tech is normally stuck inside the server. But yes, you got a point. This is actually a problem with the deck. Aryabhata Tech, Traffic Analyzer are both vulnerable during the setup, where the ICEs isn't stacked on the server yet.

23 Dec 2020 boreira


23 Dec 2020 Baa Ram Wu

@Jtfq99999ahhh I See - sounds like a Crazy combo if you can pull it off!

I like The idea a lot - it feels to me like you will need more ice (including a couple more ETR’s to protect the server Early and also something like preemptive. As there are currently no ways of pulling back your

You could always look to Weyland. For more ice which allowing you to play consulting. Visit and dropping a couple of Booms!

24 Dec 2020 Jtfq99999

@Baa Ram WuYeah, looking towards Surveyor to take advantage of the stacking. I found that Weyland has their own tricks which is compatible with the combo, still haven't get around to building the deck though.

25 Dec 2020 DonLoverGate

What about Executive Boot camp to rez without runs?

26 Dec 2020 Jtfq99999

@DonLoverGate Executive Boot Camp is good here, doubling as rez tool and as tutor for Aryabhata Tech. But a problem here is that, GameNET: Where Dreams are Real will only fire on runs, so it's not as efficient in this ID. *PS: Surat City Grid already enables you to rez without runs