Supermodernism 2020

NtscapeNavigator 905

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19 Dec 2020 manveruppd

What's Seamus's username on here? Gotta tag him to this! :P

19 Dec 2020 Swiftie

Played it with a minor change to ice, was more fun than CTM. Would play again.

19 Dec 2020 NtscapeNavigator

@SwiftieHow did you do?

What changes did you make?

20 Dec 2020 Swiftie

I swapped a Rashida Jaheem for an Audacity so i have a fast advance option i can grab with another atlas.

I dropped a Ice Wall for a Spiderweb to deal with Boomerang and to try and tax Cerberus "Lady" H1 a bit more. The last ice i dropped was 1 Surveyor for a Trebuchet.

In the end i either rushed out behind a very weak server of something like ice wall and slot machine, the runner took a tag on a last click run through Mausolus and died or i lost.

0 Snare! were found by anyone.

20 Dec 2020 NtscapeNavigator

@Swiftie NGOs should have gone out for audacity, they're not that great in the deck, rashida can draw you the combo so fast.

I would have dropped the macrophage for one of your's never done anything useful xD

20 Dec 2020 manveruppd

@Hacker Girl i played against this one game and phage ate 2 parasites and a datasucker!