Diogene 1192

Chaos want to be Criminal.


Sequel of the Theorie Mystique deck ( Much more reliable.

Tricks of the deck.

  1. Run and use Paragon to know the next card. Then use Oracle May to draw reliably the card and make a cool 2 creds.

  2. Install Engolo first, either through draw or by using Test Run. Get to know the first few ices on the board with Engolo.

  3. Install Atman second, either through draw or by using Test Run, to put it on the board with the correct strenght. This will allow you to pass ices that you've seen for very cheap. Also, most corp tend to have about 3 different ice strenght around. 3-4-5 seems to be the magic numbers.

  4. You have a lot of drip here. Beth, Mystic, Oracle, Paragon and Rezeki will get you creds and tempo. It is highly probable that you will not be able to install the 3rd Rezeki.

  5. Test Run will put back the breaker on the TOP of the stack. Draw with Oracle May (declare Program). This should get you 2 creds and will help you install the breaker. Bonus if you can use Modded.

  6. Don't be afraid to let Atman go to the heap. You'll be able to get it back with Test Run later.

  7. Use Harmony AR Therapy (HART) to bring back Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble, The Maker's Eye, Diesel and anything else useful (trashed Rezeki for example).

  8. No One Home let you resist jinteki trap deck and Hard-Hitting News.

Funny thing, with HART, the deck become the equivalent of 52 cards. This will allow you to resist grinding.

The title mean : Economic.

16 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Diogene Theirs a good core here I dunno if 3x Paragon is abit of over kill for a 40 card deck or not though it is a major part of the deck, I like the Atman idea though you will need to pay for str twice if you test run it also atman works well with Datasucker it be nice to get them in somehow. I also feel 3x No One Home is over kill especially with Harmony AR Therapy. All in all i like it and it's consistent but i do think theirs room for refinement here.

16 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior I totally agree on the improvement part. From the couple of games I had with this new deck and the past deck (, I found the main problem : Chiyashi. if it is rezzed early, especially if it is on R&D, it hurt way too much (losing 6 cards per runs is insane). And Wraparound gain a crazy value (break for 7 creds).

I really like the idea of Datasucker. I will take out a No One Home for one Datasucker. I've noted that you often slot Citadel Sanctuary. I did not find the slot for it, but I see the use of it to counter Punitive and single tag. Slots are tights in 40 cards!

I use HART to bring back Events. It give the deck a lot of breath for longer games, with more burst econ.

Paragon is the key to the combo and the deck. Without Oracle May, it still give you drip and some control on draw. Later, it combo wonderfully with Oracle May.

I'm experimenting with Baa's Avenue Q ( Prognostic Q-Loop would also combo well here. There are interesting concepts to be pushed around here. The main point would be to get Khusyuk, which is amazing for getting agendas out of R&D.

Funny part about Atman : The str I use the most is 5 and 1. Str 5 is for Engram Flush, Anansi and Tollbooth. Str 1 if for Komainu and Border Control.

One weakness of the deck is about dealing with asset spam. My current way of playing is to simply disregard asset and let the corp be filthy rich. Using the efficiency of the deck to continue runner everywhere. But with only multiaccess on R&D, it can makes for a tougher than necessary game. Shaper only have Because I Can in faction for dealing with assets. I'll probably experiment with it.

This current build is way more consistent than the previous experiment. It encourage and allow the runner to run often, which gives good pressure. By mid game, it has the equivalent of a 5+ credits drip (pretty much consumed every turn, because you'll be running every turn also).

16 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Diogenefunny you should say that about atman 7 on wrap around i once won a game with an Atman 7 because i lost my fracter to a rig shooter deck and all i had was atman and gordian blade to play the game with.

Citadel Sanctuary is a great include makes NBN: Controlling the Message match ups easyer and and deck with Data Raven also helps for weyland decks mostly Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed but punative also bit less good with 0 link mind and like you say finding slots in 40 cards is rough.

Yes aseet spam is a pain burst econ and dealing with the right targets is the way to go Stargate where ever you can find room for it also helps alot for those match ups.

16 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior I'll try -1 Rezeki, +1 Citadel Sanctuary. Also, instead of Datasucker, which cost an MU, I decided to try Rebirth, with Kit as a target. This should allow the deck to deal with glacier more easily, since Engolo is the main breaker. I'll let you know how it went. This gives me a deck with 22 event!

16 Dec 2020 Xandorius

This is a funky deck idea, I like it! Have you tried out Prognostic Q-Loop instead of the Paragon to see the top of the stack for Oracle May? It is also a way to save a click to install programs back from the stack. Since it's a paid ability window then there are some funky things you could do with installing Atman mid-run.

If you switch to the Loop, then Aniccam would probably be a good console slot for how many events you have. If you are using the Salvaged Memories cards then you could consider Prepaid VoicePAD instead of Mystic Maemi

16 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Diogene thing is by Rebirthing into Kit you are losing 1 MU also since you will lose CT's +1MU

16 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior You are correct. This is why I put Rebirth instead of Datasucker. It make me feel less guilty about exchanging a Rezeki for Citadel Sanctuary. Kit will allow me to have one Atman, one Engolo and 2 Rezeki. But with Kit ability, the first run will let me go through at least 2 ices. Of course, I could have 2 Atman and 1 Rezeki, we'll see with the tests (maybe Rebirth is just a bad idea). Something I might try : take out the Atman in favor of Ika and Corroder. Here is the math for it. A str 4 barrier (Eli 1.0) cost 4 to break with Corroder. It could 2 for Atman (str 4). Corroder cost 2 to install. Atman would cost 7 to install. Atman win after 3 runs. Not sure if it is really worth it, but it would get rid of the AI and put a fracter on the board, solving the issues of Chiyashi and Wraparound.

@Xandorius I really liked you Avenue Q deck. Pronostic Q-Loop could be used here. Prepaid is nice and could be tried. It would certainly accelerate the install for the deck. But contrary to your deck, Atman cost a big amount, so Pronostic would really gain value later. But I think it would be worth it to experiment with it. From the current deck , it could go like this :

-3 Paragon. -2 Mystic Maemi. -1 No One Home. -3 Modded. -1 Test Run.

+3 Pronostic Q-Loop. +1 Rebirth. +1 Peace in Our Time. +2 Aniccam. +3 Prepaid Voicepad. +1 Citadel Sanctuary.

It feel kind of more expensive than the current deck.

@Pinkwarrior and @Xandorius : Do you need to copy paste the link to the card in the link for the card name, or is there a reference link I could use?

Thanks to you both for your insights and suggestions. I'll keep you posted on the experiments.

16 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Xandorius I forgot to add this change : - 3 The Maker's Eye, +3 Khusyuk. Let's make those Prepaid Voicepad work! Also, I'll exchange 3x Sure Gamble for 3x Lucky Find, just for the fun of it.

17 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Xandorius Forget about the Lucky Find, it need inf and I don't have it. But I switched the The Maker Eyes/Khusyuk for Indexing.

17 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior Rebirth was the way to go. It really create immense opportunities. Single ice can be run anytime and will be cheaper, because Engolo will not have to "paint" them. Being able to pass 2 ices without issues and without relying on Atman is well worth the loss of 1 MU.

For this deck, here is the revised version : -1 Test Run. -1 No One Home. +1 Rebirth. +1 Citadel Sanctuary.

Those change make the deck even more reliable and it build econ rather well. It feel efficient and fast.

17 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Diogene id you want to link a card use # then just start typing the name it dosn't play well with spaces so you may need to get inventive and not use the first word.