Hotel des Diablotins

Diogene 1192

Shoutout to Pokerface for his suggestion of using Imp in the deck. It made the deck better.

Tricks of the deck.

  1. But there is a great synergy to be had with Day Job and Earthrise Hotel. Let Earthrise Hotel draw for you, while you use Day Job to get big money in. Bonus is you have companions and Rezeki installed, for a very big cash grab in one turn. And no tempo loss because Earthrise Hotel does the job.

  2. Paladin Poemu is king. Mystic Maemi is queen and Rezeki is the joker. Mulligan if you do not have one or two of those.

  3. Engolo is the heart of the deck. Until you get it, there is not much you can do except draw, install and run on naked central for Mining Accident.

  4. Trash ices with Hippo and Spooned (with Engolo support). This will put economic pressure on the corp, while letting you run more easily.

  5. Imp will let you trash ices in R&D or HQ or anything costly in a remote.

  6. Your aim is to trash the ices on R&D to free the space for Stargate.

  7. Keiko and companions will provide quite a bit of credits (a credit saved is a credit earned). Day Job, Sure Gamble Rezeki and Daily Cast will give you plenty of creds.

  8. Running succesfully every other turn will provide you with 1 cred and 1 draw.

  9. Program importance : Engolo > Rezeki > Stargate > Na'Not'K > Paperclip.

This is a fun anarch deck. Focusing on anarch tools, with the support of the best programs in the game from other factions.

The big change was to drop Bukhgalter for the influence to get Na'Not'K and 3x Akamatsu. Imp needed to be trashed after use and you lose Q-Coherence Chip in those cases. But Imp give you so much more by letting you trash agendas and ices or expensive asset (I'm looking at you Jeeves).

The title mean : Imp Hotel or Hotel of Imps.


13 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

is Na'Not'K really worth it seems anti synergistic with your game plan of Trashing ICE since the more you trash the lower str Na'Not'K will be making it more expensive to use and Engolo is going to be able to cover it anyway. Have you thought about Rebirth since your not using Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist with DreamNet swapping ID's isn't a much of a loss and something like Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist would make the trash's go further or Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer to pile more pressure on if your already getting in.

13 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior I will try the deck with Edward Kim (which is my favorite ID, but I have a special spot for Gnat). Hoshiko offer a great boost in tempo, which help a lot with Anarch who usually struggle with that. Hoshiko + I've Had Worse + Earthrise Hotel let me draw so much more than DreamNet + John Masanori. It also help me get tempo when dealing with glacier (where I cannot run as much).

If it wasn't for the influence, I would get Rebirth or even take Omar straight up. I will try to change Na'Not'K for Odore and get Rebirth.

In my games, I tend to focus on trashing the ice on R&D and scoring remote. But against glacier (especially those using Jinja), it is more difficult. In half the games, the sentry breaker is not used, Engolo is usually more efficient than MKUltra. With Bukhgalter, it was more often used. There is not many good sentry breaker. Na'Not'K is actually fairly good and cost only 1 inf. Ika could be used instead, but it is 2 influences.

But I think the greatest finding was using Earthrise Hotel. The gain in tempo is absolutely amazing. It synergize well with Paladin and Day Job. Anarch should use it more, if they use companions.

I'll let you know of the experiment results.

14 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior I've tried with Val and Kim and Rebirth. Kim did the usual thing, but the cost in tempo, compared to Hoshiko, made him less ideal. Val was too much. Too many cards, too difficult to find Engolo.

Which made me think of Nathaniel. It is actually very good. Early, you can install a lot and get extra drip. Later, with Rebirth, you can go for Omar, Kim or Reina (maybe even Quetzal). Omar for glacier, Kim for near iceless and Reina for ASA (asset protected by ices). With only 40 cards and 6 cards to draw (27 draw in 6 cards), Engolo become very easy to find early. I'll post a new runner with this, once I finish testing.

Final thought : I got to learn to put tags in my write up :-)