Beauté Fatale

Diogene 1192

UPDATE : +1 Special Offer. Kill deck with Spark. All about credit differential.

Game plan.

  1. Put advertisements on the board to put pressure on the runner econ. You have 7 ices, 3 upgrades and 9 assets that will all take a cred from the runner.

  2. Gain creds from almost everything in the deck. Congratulations, Pop-up Window and Tiered Subscription will make you gain creds when the runner is actually running. PAD Campaign and Launch Campaign are nice drips.

  3. Product Placement will create a credit differential of 4 if it is trashed, and still give you 2 cred if it is not trashed. Put it with your assets.

  4. Bellona is the dream agenda to use Punitive Counterstrike. It get 3 points in the runner score area and cost 5 credits to the runner, making Punitive easier to land. You have Consulting Visit to allow you to double punitive the runner and flatline the runner.

  5. Endless EULA always cost 6 to pass (unless it is bypassed). Use Hard-Hitting News (HHN) as soon as possible to tag the runner. Then use BOOM! to flatline the runner. In both case, you can use Consulting Visit to land either HHN or BOOM at the correct opportunity.

  6. Try to score AR-Enhanced Security as soon as possible. It will give a some protection against trashing. Otherwise, the tags could be fatal.

  7. It is, in theory, possible to score 7 points behind Endless EULA. But it is not the aim of this deck. So most win will come from flatlining the runner.

  8. Ad Blitz will bring back asset or ice lost. In case of a flood of the wrong cards, you can trash those and get them back with Ad Blitz.

  9. You do not want the kill package in your hand at first. If you have either 2 agendas or if you 2 of BOOM!/Punitive, then you should mulligan.

Some thoughts.

  1. Degree Mill is a good semi defensive agenda. It will put (probably) some economic pressure on the runner by getting cards of the board (which must then be reinstalled).

  2. Global Food Initiative could replace Degree Mill and give you more time to pull off the game plan. But you will need to make sure to have 6 Weyland cards to have the free inf for Consulting Visit.

  3. Usually, influence (inf) is used Marilyn Campaign. But I used it all on the kill package.

  4. There is nothing here to prevent agenda flooding. Better to put agendas on the board than in the archive.

  5. This deck is weak to Diversion of Fund. Always put Endless EULA in front of HQ.

The title mean : Fatal Beauty.


9 Dec 2020 Pokerface

I think you need Econ warfare, ootherwise , as runners are all filthy rich, it will be tough to land the HHN. Might need Crisium as well (Stargate)...

9 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pokerface Economic Warfare would be great here, of course. It can be replaced by Mumbad Virtual Tour (MVT) if influence is tight. In both cases, I did not take them because slots and influence are tights. Do you have suggestions for which cards could be cut in favor of Econ W. or MVT?

And you are correct about Crisium Grid, it would help a great deal to mitigate Stargate and Diversion of Fund. I could take out a BOOM! and Special Offer to put 2x Crisium Grid in the deck. I'll try it so see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Even with runner that are rich, the economic difference will build up nearly inevitably in your favor with this deck. Endless EULA has a neutral differential on the first run, and dig that difference for every run after. All the others ices, assets and upgrade build the credit difference. The worse decision for the runner is to break Congradulation, because then the credit differential become +4 instead of +2. It add up quickly to a sizeable difference.

Punitive is most secure way to flatline the runner. BOOM!! is the secondary plan.

A trick about the HHN : push the trace to within 1 or 0 cred of what the runner can afford. Most runner will pay to not have to deal with 4 tags. This will put their econ at near zero, which is the most advantageous for you. After this, the credit differential will be even more easily obtained, because everything in the deck give you creds while costing the runner some creds.

Thank you for your input and insights. It is appreciated. If you try the deck, please tell me how it went for you if you can. It make deck building that much more fun.