Superheronation Tennin

Diogene 1179

This the deck of superheronation. It is downright amazing. If you play with him, tell him Diogene say hello.

Game plan.

  1. Put ices everywhere. Use Jinja on Remote and then R&D. Bonus if you put Surveyor on Remote and R&D.

  2. Use Wall To Wall to put tokens on every ices.

  3. Get very rich with Mass Commercialization.

  4. Score you agenda behing impassable ices.

Trick of the deck.

  1. With 21 ices, you should be able to ice up all centrals (very important) on turn 1. This will let you put token on ices with your ID.

  2. Preemptive Action econ cards, like Wall To Wall, NGO and Mass Comm.

  3. Once Cyberdex Sandbox is scored, you can purge for value, to get money while Wall To Wall work for you, for a turn or two.

  4. Viral Weaponization is just evil.

  5. Future Perfect could be called Runner Frustration. Let it sit in R&D or HQ, unless you are very sure you can score it. It does not protect itself once in the remote.

  6. Code Gate are cheap and taxing. Sentry are expensive. Spread them around to be able to tax across the board.

This is truly netrunner basic : score behind ices. Nearly half the deck are ices. Thanks again to superheronation to allow me to post it.


9 Dec 2020 superheronation

Thanks for the writeup! So far this variation fares extremely well (20-0) in casual play.

Tips: --mulligan for cheap ice. It creates impressive value. --it is almost always best to limit yourself to 1 remote server. Attempting to protect two remote servers will tax your resources and significantly increase risk of disaster. --Turn 1: aim for either a Wall To Wall/Rashida defended by a rezzable ice (with a second ice on a central server) or ice up as many central servers as possible. --Before putting Tennin tokens on your ice, put them on Runner cards unlikely to be trashed. The runner is more likely to trash your cards and Mass Commercialization doesn't care whether the tokens are your cards or the runner's. --Engram Flush should usually target events. --Mind Game is most valuable on HQ.

9 Dec 2020 Diogene

@superheronation Now I understand why you were putting tokens on the runner side. From my trials with the deck, I totally agree that Mind Game should go on HQ.

Thanks for the comment and precisions, it gives a better understanding of the deck strategy. The mulligan strategy is so important.