Hotel des Compagnons

Diogene 1192

After making experiment with Event heavy decks, I realized that Mystic Maemi is really strong. Paladin Poemu is still king in this deck, but the other companions are super useful in keeping the deck running. The previous iteration was using Dirty Laundry, DreamNet and John Masanori (

Tricks of the deck.

  1. But there is a great synergy to be had with Day Job and Earthrise Hotel. Let Earthrise Hotel draw for you, while you use Day Job to get big money in. Bonus is you have companions and Rezeki installed, for a very big cash grab in one turn. And no tempo loss because Earthrise Hotel does the job.

  2. Paladin Poemu is king. Mystic Maemi is queen and Rezeki is the joker. Mulligan if you do not have one or two of those.

  3. Engolo is the heart of the deck. Until you get it, there is not much you can do except draw, install and run on naked central for Mining Accident.

  4. Trash ices with Hippo and Spooned (with Engolo support). This will put economic pressure on the corp, while letting you run more easily. Mining accident is the other economic pressure.

  5. Your aim is to trash the ices on R&D to free the space for Stargate.

  6. Keiko and companions will provide quite a bit of credits (a credit saved is a credit earned). Day Job, Sure Gamble Rezeki and Daily Cast will give you plenty of creds.

  7. You have the strongest breaker suite of the game in the deck. With it, you should be able to go anywhere, provided there are still ices to be found.

  8. Running succesfully every other turn will provide you with 1 cred and 1 draw.

  9. Program importance : Engolo > Rezeki > Stargate > Bukhgalter > Paperclip. This is in case you get a program trashed and thus, lose all your Q-Coherence Chip.

This is a fun anarch deck. Focusing on anarch tools, with the support of the best programs in the game from other factions.

The title mean : Companions Hotel or Hotel of Companions.


9 Dec 2020 Pokerface

Hi Diogene, I tried it (at least the previous iteration), it works well except against asset spam where you have no answer. I'd suggest a Fencer or an imp.

9 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pokerface I think you are right. I did feel more than once that trashing cards were expensive. My plan was to (hopefully) use the bad pub generated by Mining Accident for that purpose. But it does not always work quite well.

Imp usually need support from Knobkierie or Friday Chip to go for the long run. But it is true that Imp is very strong (trashing card from R&D (like ices) is really strong.

But Scrubber or Fencer Fueno could be used instead. This could be tested to see which would be better and if it would be better than Mining Accident. Alternatively, 3x Imp with no other support could go pretty well also. That would be 6 cards that can be trashed at not cost. On top of Stargate. So many choices. All are pretty good. But I think 3x Imp would probably bring the best results.

If you try it, please tell me how it went. I'll try it also. Thanks for your insights. This is fun!

10 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pokerface I did some test. Imp is really powerful and good. But you cannot trash it and not lose the Q-Coherence Chip.

I'll test by changing Bukhgalter for Na'Not'k and using the influence for Akamatsu Chip.