Los Roja

grimgravyboat 269

Welcome to the stage... DJ LOS ROJA!

While it will take some time to get set up, by the time you have Fenris hosting Los, Xanadu and Cortez installed, Rubicon (maybe even Keros?) ready to make your targeted runs all the more painful for the corp, you should be able to run at will.

Breakers really need Virtuals online for full pressure so it's fortunate we are packing 3x Spoilers and Data Folding, cards we want down early anyway. Also, Companions are surprisingly useful in set up so time out when each one is needed and get them on the board. Keiko is there to optimize Companions further while still getting us our Data Folding money once full rig is up.

8 Dec 2020 ShinMuteki

This deck seems awesome! I'll give it and go and tell you what I think !

8 Dec 2020 grimgravyboat

@ShinMutekiPlease do!!