Lazy gaming (17th at Hemophilia Charity Event)

Cpt_nice 1282

Since I had zero time to practice for Whiteblade's Hemophilia Charity tournament, I decided to just bring back a blast from the past and give that a shot. I could have also added Mr Phones or Maxwell James to Sunny and called it a day, but I felt like playing something else. So I settled on our favorite blown-up gamer.

The idea is that Whizzard is fantastic against asset heavy decks, which I expected a lot off. And for those match ups where he wouldn't be relevant against (SYNC, Argus, non-ASA HB), I would just Rebirth into Omar or Eddie. I did face three spammy decks, but still managed to lose 2 of those games. One against CTM, where I misplayed very hard while my opponent did not. And one against Jinteki RP where I had two cards in hand, one being I've Had Worse, which did NOT get sniped by Bio-Ethics after which Ronin finished the job. Just my luck. I did beat a Spark Agency.

Outside of the ID, the deck is very boring/straightforward reg-anarch. The only card that was sort of interesting is Demolisher, which really impressed me in Eddie Kim and was also pretty sweet here.

Thanks to Whiteblade for this great initiative, everyone who helped organise/streamed/TO'ed, and everyone who donated!

6 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

I'm Disappointed in you no Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist? with maybe 3x Medium?

in all seriousness though gratz on the finishing spot.

7 Dec 2020 flimflam

demolisher whiz is the sickest idea i saw zero talk about 5/5