Oracle Mystique

Diogene 1179

Mostly event based Wu.

Tricks of this deck.

  1. You can get any program and use Rejig to keep it and it would have costed you 1 cred less (Rezeki for 1 cred!).

  2. You can use Simulchip to do the same thing as Rejig.

  3. Bonus point for using Spec Work before Simulchip.

  4. Oracle May always declare Event. It will work 2/3 of the time early game and 9/10 of the time late game.

  5. Mystic Maemi is real gold here. It literally act like a Rezeki. Using a Sure Gamble, when there is 3 creds on Mystic, give you a big 7 creds for one card.

  6. Aniccam allow you extra draw. Since you'll use a lot of event, it will draw a lot.

  7. Cyberdelia is extra MU and make the first run cheaper.

  8. Harmony AR Therapy (HART) will let you get the events back in the stack, letting you use Oracle May even more.

  9. Early, using Rejig on a Rezeki will let you accumulate a lot of creds. Just do it, it will save you a lot of grief (bonus if you do it turn 1).

  10. Use Spec Work with any program, in a pinch, for money and draw. Then use HART to bring those thing back.

  11. Na'Not'K might not be the best sentry breaker, sometime Engolo will cost less to bypass a Sentry if there is only 1 or 2 ice on the server. But against glacier, it is really good. In a 4 deep server, Anansi cost 3 creds to break!

  12. When everything is on the board, the events you want to get back with HART are : Diesel, Deuces Wild, Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble and The Maker's Eye.

Possibly, instead of Oracle May, Beth Kilrain could be used. You would then have 3 influences for something else (Direct Access would be pretty good here). But I like the econ and draw that comes with Oracle May. With Oracle May, you can draw an event and get 2 creds, play that event for nearly free with Mystic Maemi and get another draw from Aniccam. That is good tempo.

This deck is based on discussions on Pinkwarrior decks : and

Shoot out to Xandorius for probably the best Wu deck you can get. And shootout to Pinkwarrior who respond to all comments on his decks, allowing for good discussions.


5 Dec 2020 Pinkwarrior

@Diogene Nice to see my decks having an impact on people exploring things for them self, personally id drop 1x Mystic Maemi for a Legwork just because that card has won me so many games. I hope this works out for you i personally don't like having so many targets that Oracle May can hit and bin i'd just use Symmetrical Visage in this case, but i gotta congratulate you on getting the deck down to 45 cards I struggle so much with that i find i always want a few extras here and their 40's even worse for me i used to play alot of Ayla "Bios" Rahim: Simulant Specialist because i can't build 40 card decks but i like the speed of them.

7 Dec 2020 Diogene

@Pinkwarrior You are right about Oracle May. I'm trying to retool the deck with Beth instead of Oracle May. It gave nice results. Both act like extra drip econ. Adding to the Rezeki drip. I'll let you know if anything good come out of it.