Bam! Headshot v2.0

Jashay 705

Well, my initial attempt to make this deck using Reina was abominable; it was trying to do too many things at once. So here is an updated version with a far simpler remit:

I am going to run HQ, and do my damnedest to wreck the place. To this end I've switched to Whizzard. My plan is to multi-access HQ, steal what I can, trash what I can't, and then either use Demolition run or Hemorrhage to chuck the rest of their hand.

I would love to put a third Djinn and Deja Vu in here, but I physically don't have them. I'm not sure if I need the second Sneakdoor. Any opinions on this would be appreciated.

I haven't played it yet, so I'll keep you updated.

29 May 2014 Jashay

Okay, Whizzard's ability was cool, nuking several Jacksons, Adonises and PADs throughout the evening.

The deck itself had some flow issues. It really, really needed that third Djinn and Deja Vu; the first game I won because I got Djinn down, the rest I lost because I didn't have Djinn and was caught between playing breakers and playing viruses, and couldn't do both.

Pheromones is a beast of a card; it was an absolute workhorse. Love it. Doppelganger never got used. There never seemed to be an opportune moment to do so. I might swap it for Spinal Modem; two recurring credits are always helpful.

The Vamps were of no use. I was trying to run all the time, so I never had the spare money, even with Pheromones. Of course, a large part of that was the sheer amount of Jinteki taxing ice, but still.

Hemorrhage was good, but I think I could have achieved the same effect with Imp, tbh, in a more temporary but less click-intensive manner. As I was playing, Hemorrhage struck me as 'win-more'. If I was making enough successful runs per turn for it to count, then I should probably be winning anyway!

I pulled off the Demo Run with Nerve agent. That was pretty glorious. He spent a whole turn purging viruses, and then another turn getting his hand back. I think I need some Same Old Things in here, so that I can recur Demo Run and Deja Vu.

But I really, really, needed those extra Djinn and Deja Vu.