Size Doesn't Matter

Dirjel 276

This is the largest possible corp deck in Standard right now. The limitation is on agendas - after spending 12 points of influence to buy every possible agenda, we end up with 195 points. This gives us a maximum deck size of 484 cards.

The only other faction that could get this big is Jinteki, with a total of 194 points worth of legal agendas in the cardpool. NBN has up to 190 points max, and HB only has 177 points.

With a deck this size, though, we're taking Weyland over Jinteki for the advantage of tutor. We also get marginally lower agenda density due to Government Takeover, and more big agendas in general.

FUN FACT: My 45 card, double sleeved Runner deck is 3.4cm tall. This monstrosity would be 35.6cm tall if built and sleeved IRL - that's 14 and a half inches!

7 Apr 2020 LynxMegaCorp

Me, looking at this monstrosity: Finally, some good fucking jank.

7 Apr 2020 BlackCherries

inb4 DotW

10 Apr 2020 Sidehatch

I want to sleeve this in a sock and get my money back from that deadbeat that owes me.