The Process (Puzzlehunt list)

johno 585

Get puzzling

Thing 1: Don't play this deck.
Thing 2: Spoilers for the UK Nats Netrunner Puzzlehunt I guess?

This list is the answer (almost) to The Process, which was one of the four puzzles in the Netrunner Puzzlehunt that myself, Algebraic and mcg put on for a UK Nats side event.

If you're interested in checking it out:
- The hunt (a post on Ian's blog introducing it and with a link to the PDF of four puzzles)
- Some hints
- And the answers and explanations

What is a puzzlehunt?
I'm glad you asked, fictional reader! A "puzzlehunt" is a collection of challenging puzzles (more puzzle than hunt) for which the steps and constraints are not explicitly stated. They will always resolve to a word or short phrase.
The "standard" approach to puzzlehunt puzzles is that you will be given something and you have to work out what you can do with it by identifying patterns.
In the case of The Process, the puzzle was a slack chat between three people cryptically building a decklist. This list was the result and if you look closely you can see a message clear as day :P (if you can't go check out the hints).

The whole hunt was well received and it seemed like everyone had fun, hopefully you'll enjoy it too if you clicked on this list and wondered what it was.

21 Nov 2019 leachrode

@johnoI have to ask, has this list ever been defeated on jnet?

21 Nov 2019 johno

I can confirm that not only is this list undefeated on jnet, it was also undefeated across the whole nats weekend.