The Barter System (Undefeated, 1st Place @ Colorado Regional

timmysaurusrex 351

Too many eras of Netrunner have been dominated by runners with unlimited money: the dark ages of Temujin, Bloo Moose, Crowdfunding, even Rezeki. So I propose corporations return to an ancient time, a pre-money age. I propose:

THE BARTER SYSTEM I don't want your money

Let the runner have infinite money, even slot 3x Medical Research Fundraiser to help them achieve this goal. IT DOESN’T MATTER. The Barter System isn’t concerned with money. It wants your cards. Trade us your cards for accesses. Trade us your cards for agendas. BARTER WITH US.

This deck helped me win the 2019 Colorado Regionals, going undefeated (5-0). The core of this deck isn’t anything revolutionary. It’s a 1,000 cuts style deck that doesn’t aim to kill the runner so much as out-tempo them, and eventually set up a remote that requires the runner to have an absurd number of cards in hand to get it. I think the most unique thing about this deck is that it foregoes Snares and Breached Domes in favor of more ice and operations.

Mulligan for House of Knives and Nisei Mk 3s. Rush these out ASAP. The net damage from PE’s ability will disrupt the runner as they set up. I also use my first few HOK tokens to tempo-hit the runner, then I save about 2 HOK tokens to try to close the game with an Obokata score. Build a remote with one Kakugo and one Data Loop. That’s usually all you need. A remote with a Kakugo, Data Loop, 1 or 2 HOK tokens, 1 Nisei token, Ben Musashi, and PE’s ability will almost always guarantee that you can close the game with Obo (unless the runner is on Film Critic, but then again, that’s why we slot 2 Voter Intimidations).

Now, if the runner has a Feedback Filter, you'll probably lose. I got lucky and didn't play against any Feedback Filters in this tournament. However, Feedback Filter can get very expensive, so you might be able to sneak out a cheeky Punitive win if they steal an Obo and go too low on credits (but this is the barter system, so I wouldn't count on out-moneying the runner).

Fun includes in this deck:

3x Mausolus - This one of the greatest PE cards ever printed. This card almost always costs only 3 to rez because it’s so expensive to break all 3 subs (especially with Black Orchestra). And it has the magic words “Do 1 net damage.” In PE, the runner simply cannot let this fire. I usually use this as my centrals defense as I set up a disgusting Kakugo/Data Loop remote. I think you could also stack Mausoluses on a remote against a runner with Feedback Filter and make it VERY expensive to get in (but again, I wouldn't count on running down their money as a winning strategy).

2x Voter Intimidation - Because we simply cannot allow a Film Critic. Also very good against Hunting Grounds and Caldera. Slot 2 to ensure that you see 1.

3x Medical Research Fundraiser - Because Barter System doesn't care how much money the runner has.

2x Preemptive - Because EVERY deck needs more Preemptive. It’s always the first thing that gets cut, but it literally saves games. And like I say: slot 2 if you want to ensure that you see 1! Worst case scenario, it recycles your operation econ back into the deck.

1x Punitive - Because if they spend too much on Feedback Filter or breaking Mausoluses, you can maaaaybe get the kill. Or do a value Punitive for tempo.

1x Junebug - Honestly, this was a morning-of-the-tournament include for me. I put it in just for the LOLz. Turns out, it was the REASON I made the cut (it got me a cheap kill when I was otherwise totally locked). I like the idea of having just 1 Junebug in the deck. I think it can create a mind game with the runner (ANY CARD COULD BE THE JUNEBUG! MWAHAHAHA!). Every corporation should run a 1-of Junebug for cheap wins.

Happy bartering everyone!

8 Sep 2019 Qris


Congratulations on your win! Mausolus is nice and all but have you considered Cerebral Overwriter? Makes the runner's hand smaller so he can hold less cards to barter with :) I suffered the displeasure of running a double advanced one turn 1 against PE during a tournament today.

8 Sep 2019 timmysaurusrex

@QrisThank you! I definitely like the idea of reducing the runner’s hand size in order to help score Obos. However, in this deck I would rather be using those clicks and credits to rush out House of Knives, instead of gambling on a trap. I feel like Cerebral works better in a Mushin-style trap deck. The focus of this deck isn’t really traps. It’s more of a glacier-style deck that taxes the runner on cards rather than credits. Plus, I wouldn’t have the influence for all the Mausoluses and Data Loops if I spent it on Cerebrals. Thanks again for reading!

10 Sep 2019 CryptoGraham

"Let the runner have infinite money"


"Now, if the runner has a Feedback Filter, you'll probably lose."


But seriously, congrats!

10 Sep 2019 timmysaurusrex

@CryptoGrahamlol yes, it doesn’t matter how much money they have....unless they have a feedback filter. But honestly, if they have a feedback filter, it doesn’t really matter if they’re super rich or have just a little money. They really only need to use feedback filter a couple times to nerf this deck’s strategy. For example, they can just use it at the critical moment when your try to make your game-winning Obo push, rather than dumping tons of money into it every time they would take a single net damage.

23 Sep 2019 SolitaryBee

Fun deck. Do you ever advance Mausolus?

26 Sep 2019 Rahrhino

"Now, if the runner has a Feedback Filter, you'll probably lose."

Have you considered taking out a Mausolus for a Wake-Up Call? The real kicker is it can also target Film Critic :) I play it in my Chronos Protocol deck and it is a nasty surprise for the runner.

Cool deck by the way!