no respect for the game (grind of shame)

Zero Netrunner 85

Goofing around with a grind deck on jnet. After one match, my opponent who lost typed me a big speech about how I probably only play meme decks and have no respect for the true beauty of the game. Then he instantly signed off to assure himself the all important last word.

Obviously he had emotional problems but the fact that this deck steamed a total stranger so completely is good enough reason to keep playing it.

12 Aug 2019 BlackCherries

I've played a very similar deck and it looks like yours has a glaring weakness - you're very susceptible to Scarcity of Resources.

I would suggest a cheap Current you can use to counter these so you don't have to pop Hades early. I'd probably go for Hacktivist Meeting or Interdiction.

12 Aug 2019 Zerothmaxima

Did he not even say GG before quitting? The gall!

12 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator

![!}{! seems fitting here.

12 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator

For the record I tried this deck for ages, and could never quite get it to work. Maybe I just like running too much xD

13 Aug 2019 Zero Netrunner

@BlackCherries It does feel sad when Scarcity hits but it fights through it pretty well since it is really just frantic coding to Fisk/Contaminate/Labor Rights, all of which cost 0/1. Most of the resources aren't that important and end up being frantic coded away away most of the time. My philosophy here is that since this strat needs every single action, as well as some luck, to stand a chance I want every card to get me to the bottom of the deck asap (Although Duggers still sucks.

Scarcity is hardly even it's biggest weakness. For one thing, if the corp recognizes the strat they can put down a single vanilla and just advance every agenda that we are making them draw with Fisk.

It's a fun deck to mix it up with though and of the grind decks I have messed with, criminal and anarch variants, this is the one that gets on a roll the most often.

@Zerothmaxima What kind of a monster? Not saying gg is like spitting in someone's face, slashing their tires and doxing their children.

@Blonde Haired Hacker Girl It's never going to really 'work' but I am running 50 percent at jnet casual which I call a win for a grind deck.