My Supermodernism

RoyalRatAuthority 26

My take on the classic Weyland: Supermodernism deck. Make Scrooge McDuck piles of money and Bad Publicity be damned!

Piloting Notes: -This is a rush deck. Lots of cheap ETR ICE to let you score early and often, and lots of program trashing to force the runner to have out a full breaker suite. Don't be afraid to Power Shutdown breakers when you can, especially once you've ICE'd up Archives.

-Sacrifice Hostile Takeovers to get your Archers online, but don't waste them unless you can trash some programs.

-If the runner hits a Snare!, sacrifice False Lead to prevent them from being able to clear the tags, and then Scorched Earth them to death.

-Project Virtuvius tokens are for getting your SEA Source, then the classic SEA -> Scorched -> Scorched.

-Don't be afraid of Bad Publicity. You need to rush out agendas as quickly as possibly. If the game runs long enough for the Bad Pub to become an issue, you've probably already lost.

-Be very afraid of Shapers. Their near immunity to program destruction is tough to beat, and Magnum Opus lets them make piles of money to keep up with you.