What The Hell Is That Card? (2nd Place Rochester Regionals)

Neph 201

"Biotech?! Biotech.... The flippy one?" -My opponent the first round of the cut when I told him what IDs I was playing

Okay I had a nice write up for this deck and I lost it when I tried to publish, so here is the short and sweet version.

The idea of the deck is to field a huge variety of threats and just give the runner a headache trying to play around them (if they know what the cards even are). The ice is all low cost, high strength, deceptively high impact stuff to either make your opponent feel awful about breaking it, or let them think its okay to go through (it isn't).

Biotic labor gives you extra kill options and can help get an agenda scored out in a pinch. I almost always take the 2 net damage option, but I've always felt like the score one could be decent too if you know how to play it.

The reason this is 54 cards is because it was a modification to an old Museum list (RIP that and Bio-ethics, it wasn't Biotechs fault!) and because I just find it so hard to cut cards. If you want to play 49 though, Breached Dome and Genetics Pavilion are the cuts, I was not overly impressed by them. On the unused influence, I last minute cut 3 pop-ups for Anansi and Otoroshi. I never saw Otoroshi so I can't comment on that, but when thinking about it I just didn't feel like any other imported cards really helped the deck more than other Jinteki cards.

What I take for standard Jinteki psychology with Mushin and traps is at play here. I usually try to avoid installing too many remotes, preferring to keep things like Snare! in hand for Kitsune and unfortunate multi-accesses.

Play slow and defensive, wait for the runner to make a mistake or draw just one too few cards, then rip them apart for it. Every time I bring this list to a tournament, I change things around to keep the locals guessing. At least 3 or 4 times during the tournament I heard some variation of "What the hell is that" and really, that's what the deck wants to hear. Its all about a range of threat vectors and keeping kill combos in mind for various card counts.

Hope I covered everything in there. Big thanks to the TO and everyone who came out to Rochester for the tournament, it was a great one to go out on.

16 Jul 2018 ks26628

I attest that you flatlined me when I 419 exposed a psychic field when you installed it, then bioticed and flipped the ID for the kill. Slick, that.