Red-Black Tree

underflow 5

The Pitch: Win the mind-game, fry the runner's mind. Play with almost no defenses, relying on traps and a thousand little cuts to keep the runner behind.

Gameplay: This deck has an incredibly high number of agendas, in part because the runner gets punished every time they steal or let you score. Focus on scoring Gila Hands Arcology for income, False Lead, House of Knives, and Philotic Entanglement to help kill the runner. If you score Philotic Entanglement early, you can use 24/7 News Cycle to kill the runner later. Ideally, the runner will steal Medical Breakthroughs, helping you score the last 1-2. Use ICE both to bait & confuse the runner and to keep them out of mission critical servers early on while they're putting together breakers; late in the game, your ICE will do almost nothing. Use Hunter Seeker to trash a breaker and make your ICE relevant again later. Mushin No Shin lets you advance something cheaply; randomly pick between traps and agendas and use Trick of Light on un-sprung traps to advance agendas a Ronin enough to kill. Try to always keep money to play Snare! and Neural EMP; sometimes this will be the right play even if this means not advancing agendas that are on the table.

Improvements: Any change that makes this deck less predictable will help. Swap out Black Level Clearance or Executive Functioning and find another scary, cheap-ish ICE or trap to play. Bring in Archived Memories to let you re-play Mushin No Shin more. This deck will almost always run poor, so consider swapping something out for an extra Melange Mining Corp, which will often not be contested by runners until you rez and use it.